Jueves, 8/6/2017: New city tram director, Payment delinquency rate declines, Giron celebrates its founding

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Hola, Todos –

I will be off again from June 13 through 18 and back on the 19th.

Pagina cultural –

Upcoming and ongoing agenda events –

Teatro – “La Inmortal” (The Immortal) opened Wed. and will run through sábado at 20:00 in the teatro Sucre.  Cost: $5.00.

Publication – Research by Lucía Neira Alvarado, “Gobernadores de Cuenca y del Azuay” (Governors of Cuenca and Azuay) was presented at the U. Católica.  It seems to be a list of the names and dates of those who were in charge of the government.

Taller – From 13-17/6 there will be a Viewpoints technical workshop at La Guarida Centro Cultural.  Given by Anne Bogart, the workshop/laboratory will share tools from which the body of the performer can deploy ways to enter into a relation with time and space.  <This may be either Artspeak or a case of a picture or demonstration being worth 1000 words.>  Cost: $60.00.

Articles about –

“Año de la cultura” (Year of Culture) – The cantonal council declared junio/2017 – junio/2018  the Year of Culture.  It will be a year dedicated to making culture in all of its components and not just the arts, more visible in the city.  This naming will allows the city to develop actions and projects that will result in culture as a fundamental axis in sustainable development.

Cuenca and 8 other cities worldwide were in a pilot program which evaluated their cultural actions.  In Cuenca, 4 negative aspects were found:  culture and social inclusion, culture and economy, culture and urban planning, and culture and governance.  The city will work on various programs such as the Cantonal Culture Plan 2030, Cultural Mapping, recovering barrios as is being done in El Vecino, Sacred Geographic Routes, development of cultural industries, and more.

Festival Internacional de Cine de Cuenca – The festival closed Thurs. with a talk on “Derechos de autor en el campo de los audiovisuales” (visual artists’ rights) <My Spanish teacher once told me that it takes fewer words to say the same thing in English.> followed by an awards ceremony. <Results in tomorrow’s paper?>

Inti Raymi – El Instituto Nacional de Patrimonio Cultural (INPC, National Institute of Patrimonial Culture) will present a calendar of activities for the Inti Raymi or Fiesta del Sol (Festival of the Sun) Fri. at 10:00.  The fiesta will be on 16-18/6 in the Complejo Arqueológico de Ingapirca in Cañar Province.

Charango – The 2017 International Charango Festival will have shows Thurs. and Fri. at 20:00 in the teatro Carlos Cueva Tamariz.  Get your tickets at Musicalismo at the Mall del Río and in El Surtido.  Cost: $10 and $15.00.

Otras cosas – 

Titular – Contraloría entra en crisis (Comptroller goes into crisis) – The Assembly’s Legislative Administration Council accepted the request to begin a political judgement against the Comptroller General, Carlos Pólit. who is “involuncrado” (involved or implicated – your word for the day.) in the Odebrecht case.  <The photo of the cops guarding the Comptroller’s office shows two with riot shields.  One shield says “policia” and the other says “soy policia y padre tambien” with small letters at the bottom saying, “Manifiestate in peace” (“I’m police and a father, too.”  “Protest in peace.”)  And it doesn’t look like the cop holding it glued on the letters himself. They look official even if they look a little beat up.>

Factfinding tour – The National Assembly approved a multi party delegation to visit the US and Brazil to get first hand information in the Odebrecht case.  The resolution was passed 106 to 22 who were CREO members.  <Are they afraid the Assembly will learn embarrassing things?  Or they just don’t want the gov’t to waste money on a field trip?>

Delinquency – <For you financial buffs.>  The gov’t rate of delinquency for paying its bills averages 3.5% and is decreasing.  It grew last year when the gov’t was slow paying it’s suppliers and the effects trickled down.

Change of address – The CNE (National Electoral Council) has opened the process for changing your address for the “elecciones seccionales” (sectional elections” in 2019.  Go to the CNE offices and show your cédula or passport.  <If you’ve been here long enough to vote, you’ve been here long enough to know to bring both documents and with copies.>  Also bring your ballet and a utility bill with your current address.  <This assumes you are already registered to vote.>

Odebrecht – The Equipos y Transportes company is being investigated for being the link for payments made by Odebrecht to get public contracts.  Equipos y Transportes did a $7.2 million slope stabilization project in 2012 prompting 5 councilmembers to file a complaint for irregularities in 2013.   They found that 90% of its capitol was in the tax haven of the British Virgin Islands, and the cost of the contract was very high.  The actual stabilization work was done by machinery from the companies Hidalgo & Hidalgo, Fopeca and the City of Cuenca.  <So the 90% in the Virgin Islands is basically 90% of nothing?>

Tranvía – The new and fourth coordinator of the Tranvía is Édison Castro.  He was previously the head of the Department of Risk Management.

Anniversaries –

Girón will celebrate 193 years as a canton on 25/6.  At 8:00 – a mass of thanks;  at 9:00 – the inauguration of the 25 de junio park;  at 10:00 – a sessón solemne; at 14:00 a cultural and folkloric parade; and at 19:00 – Girón night with Miguel Moly.

Chiquintad will celebrate 139 years as a parish.  Events – sábado, 10/6 – A farm and ranch fair at 10:00 in the San Andres sector;  Queen of Girón gala at 19:00 in the Katty event center.  Sunday – Chiquintad 10K at 10:00 in the parish center.  Viernes, 16/6 – a sesión solemne and more over the weekend.
Pagina intercultural – Today’s article is about wind and percussion instruments in Cañari rituals.

Internacional –

Brazil – Pres. Temer reiterated that he will stay President until his term ends on 31/12/2018.  <He should take a peek at how Maduro’s doing.  Another one hanging onto power like a leech.>  Ex-directors of Odebrecht said it paid at least $45 million for the Rousseff-Temer ticket.  <Monty Python could do hilarious things with this situation.>

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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