Jueves, 9/3/2017: Cuenca International Film Festival, Ecuadorian roses, Yasuní art exhibit

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Today’s (Thurs.)agenda events –

“Simbionte” (symbiont) – The exhibit by Damián Sinchiq opened Thurs. in the Paul Cezanne Gallery at the Alianza Francesa (Tadeo Torres y Solano).  Free

Articles about –

Relaunch – The Orquesta Sinfónica and the Youth Choir played Thurs. in the Casa de Chagaurchimbana.  The center has been converted into a small conservatory where about 100 young musicians can practice.  This project is a partnership between the Municipal Department of Culture and the School of Arts at the U of Cuenca with the city providing funding, logistics and the space and the U. providing the teachers and interns.

Festival de Cine Internacional – The festival will run from 3-8/4 with about 60 films that will be shown in different venues such as the Pumapungo, Casa de la Cultura, Sucre, and Carlos Cueva Tamariz theaters.  The Multicines will show films, but with paid tickets.

“Yasuní: El paraíso de los contrastes” (Yasuní: The paradise of contrasts) – The show by Jorge Chalco will open el jueves, 30/3 in the Museo de la Ciudad, Ex-Escuela Central.  There are more than 20 oil paintings that highlight the natural riches of the jungle and the threats from oil exploitation.  In 2013, the artist spent 3 months in the Estación Científica Yasuní.

Otras cosas – 

Titular – Marcha mezcla género y política (March mixes gender and politics) – Both the Día de la Mujer and the bank holiday of 1999 were represented in the march.

Tranvía – It’s anticipated that the Metro Medellín in Colombia will operate the tram system when it is finished.  Mayor Cabrera said that there is also interest from an Argentinian business.  (Actually, that’s kind of a relief – that the city will have an operator with experience and not try to learn from scratch.)

Ecuadorian roses – The Ecuadorian consulate in Cantón (Guangzhou) gave flowers to all the passengers on 50 China Southern flights in honor of International Womens’ Day.  There was a similar campaign in 2016 during which rose exports to China rose 84.3% from 2015.  Ecuador is the main exporter of roses in the world with 65% of the market followed by Holland at 21.5% and Kenya with 6.59%.  (Chocolate, roses, coffee – what’s not to like.  Tuna?)

Amenidades –

Concierto – There will be a concert of instrumental ensembles viernes a las 19:30 in the teatro Sucre. (How many languages can I mix up in one sentence?) The first half will be a mix of various instruments and the 2nd half will include voices. The program will include Mozart, Ecuadorian composers Gerardo Guevara or Francisco Paredes Herrera, and Astor Piazolla.  (Wonder if one of those instruments is going to be a bandoneón?)

Internacional –

Panamá – According to José Oneto, a Spanish journalist who spoke in Panamá, the Odebrecht scandal has now crossed the Atlantic and is involving Spanish construction companies who partnered with Odebrecht on some Latin American projects.  An accountant for Odebrecht who admitted to paying bribes in Panama and who is detained in Madrid is also negotiating with the Prosecutor to not be extradited to Brazil.

Guatamala – A fire at a group home killed 19 girls yesterday on the Día de Mujeres while they were protesting the conditions in the institution which included physical and sexual abuse.  A judge had decreed that the home be closed gradually.  A group of women said the children had told them they were “golpeados y violados” (beaten and violated) and that “la comida es más mierda” (That’s right – no gringo confusion of words – she said and the paper printed, “the food is more shit.”  Would that be allowed in the US, even when quoting someone?  Do you remember the bleeps when the Nixon tapes were transcribed?)

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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