Jueves, 25/2/2016: Free tour of rural parishes, Proposal to halt oil production, March for animals

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Hola, Todos – 

Pagina cultural – 

Folk and contemporary dance – in the markets.  It is a childrens’ project and Friday’s performance will be at the 10 de Agosto.
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Noche de peosía (Poetry night) – Thursat 20:00 in El Café Cartola (Loja 3-68 y Miguel Díaz).  The space is open to people who want to express their poetry.  Bring it in a digital format or send it to vientollucho@gmail.com.  The goal is to compile all of the contributors’ poems into a book at the end of the year.  (Now, would that meet the definition of a vanity publication?)

Taller de canto (Singing workshop) – was today at Lakomuna.

Articles about –

An exhibit at the Galería de la Alcaldía by Javier Carchipulla. He has painted Ecuador’s most venerated virgins in a cartoon style.

Free tour (Got your attention for the rest of this item, now?) on Sunday (28/2) starting at 9:00 in the Parque San Sebastián. Transportation will be provided.  The City has a program called la Ruta de las Parroquias to discover and explore Cuenca’s rural parishes.  This Sunday’s parish will be San Joaquín.  Stops on the tour will include the sector Cristo del Consuelo and a chocolate making demonstration (did that just wake you up again?), the Iglesia de San Joaquín, visits to the El Bosque, Balzay Alto, and Barabón Chico barrios with demonstrations of basketry and other ancestral knowledge. Lunch will be at a local restaurant to learn about carne seca and other typical dishes. (What’s not to like about this tour even if lunch isn’t included in the price?)

“Poemas de paso peruano” by Sophía Yánez was presented on Thurs.

A film project and workshop by Cine Club Catarsis Thurs and Fri where attendees will see short films and then make their own.  No experience necessary.  Contact the club at Facebook: Catarsis.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Equidad en los contractos (Equity in Contracts) – This is a sliver of life article.  A municipal commission is looking to provide transparency in the contracting process and not have only a few contractors awarded 2, 3, or more contracts to the detriment of others.  (This is a complaint lodged against any public entity that contracts for goods and services – they don’t spread the work around enough.)

The Sopladora Power Plant – is being tested and it is planned to come on line at the end of March.  It will generate 487 megavatios (megavolts – your word for the day), enough to fulfill 14% of the national demand for electricity.

Price of oil – the government has adjusted its benchmark price of oil to $25/barrel from $35.  Pres. Correa has asked the Ministry of Finance to adjust the budget up to 15%.

A presidential candidate from the Venceremos party said oil wells should close if Pres. Correa announces that the breakeven price of oil is $39/barrel since that represents a $20 loss on each barrel.  The only reason he can think of for continuing to extract oil is to pay off loans to China.

Permit streamlining – is the goal of a new on-line platform called Sistema Integral de Gestión de Trámites Municipales – SIGTRAM (Integrated Municipal Permit (paperwork) Management System) which seeks to cut approval times to between 3 days and a week.  Users can access the system 24/7.  (I bet it’s more aggravating than a real, live person.)

Fares – the Cuenca Cantonal Council approved an ordinance to accept only cards for payment of public transportation fares. The Cuenca Chamber of Transport invested in a $6 million system of cards and readers in 2009.  (So you can stop stockpiling quarters and other small change, now.  Have you ever bought anything so that you’d get a quarter in your change?)

A march – was held in El Centro last Tue. night to support approval of the Ordinance to Protect Domestic Animals which contains a clause that says that owners have to provide enough healthy and nutritious food for normal development and maintenance.  (So don’t feed your dog beer, chips, hot dogs and doughnuts even if that’s what you eat. Muttly deserves better than that.)

A project – to plant penco (agave) has been proposed for Oña and Nabón in Azuay for agro-industrial purposes as animal feed, and production of tequila and honey.

Descuentos –

Home Vega – Specials at Home Vega – Fri, Sat & Sun.

Kia – A Rio R from $18,990 and a Rio R GT from $23,590.  (Just in case anyone’s in the market for a new car.)

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –




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