Labor Day Bash launches a new expat business and dishes up some fun

Aug 27, 2016 | 0 comments

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At her home in Chicago, Liz Harrison always enjoyed having friends and family over for simple dinners to highlight holiday parties. She would cook her favorite recipes, put on some good dance music, and celebrate the moment.

When she arrived in Cuencaad_laborday-2, she started searching for some of what she loved from home – those special times that were all about relaxing and being together with friends. Even though she found some good restaurants and places to dance occasionally, Liz didn’t find everything in one place, and she missed her regular get-togethers.

“I thought ‘where do people go in Cuenca when they want to eat good food, dance to great music, and be in a warm and welcoming environment?’” Liz said. “There are places in town that do one or two things well but maybe not all of them at one time or on a regular basis.”

Breaking her ankle in three places recently forced Liz to lie on the sofa for several months, and that’s when the idea for Cuenca Events Co. was born.

What if there was a monthly dining and dancing event at a nice location for a reasonable price? And what if the food was made with time-honored recipes and the music was familiar and fun, reminding people of happy days?

Liz’s professional background in marketing and special events encouraged her to move forward with her idea, and she shared her thoughts with friend and fellow event enthusiast Jennifer Martin. They decided it might be a good time to test Liz’s theory, and on Saturday, September 3, the fledgling Cuenca Events Co. will throw a Labor Day Bash at Villa San Carlos on Remigio Tamariz and Solano Avenue.

For $20, attendees will be treated to appetizers, chicken diablo, an assortment of salads, and dessert – all created from Liz’s homemade recipes. Doors open at 7 pm, dinner is served at 8 pm, and then the dancing begins, with songs by The Beach Boys, Jimmy Buffett, and Chicago on the playlist. There will also be door prizes, and a cash bar is available, serving up margaritas, sangria, and beer.

If the inaugural event goes well, Liz hopes to offer monthly dining and dancing around holidays or special themes, and Cuenca Events Co. would also be available for hire to help with other special occasions.

“This is all about fun and relaxation,” she said. “That’s the main idea behind the business – it’s for expats to get together with friends, eat good food, dance to some great music, and just enjoy themselves.”

For more information about the Labor Day Bash and to buy tickets online, visit or call Liz Harrison at 099-800-5921.


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