Lasso announces new measures against coastal drug traffic; ATM thieves arrested after bombing; Prison staffs add professionals; Día del Niño celebrated

Jun 2, 2022 | 17 comments

Miércoles, 1/6/2022

Hola, Todos –

Titular –

Los niños y el cuidado del medio ambiente (Children and environmental care) – Wednesday’s issue of El Mercurio is in celebration of the Día del Niño. The front page is artwork done by students at the Escuela Fiscomisional “San José de Calasanz+*.. The first article is about the school whose lema (slogan, motto) is educar es dar vida (to educate is to give life). Anther article is about the reviving traditional games such as Lirón-Lirón, San Bendito nos lleva el diablo, y El gato y el ratón. <Don’t ask me, I don’t have any idea what those games are either.> The 3d article is about Benefits of technology in education.

The 4th is titled Houses that give the “warmth of home,” and is about the Hogar Tadeo Torres and El Hogar Miguel León which are orphanages that could use help with donations of games, clothing, candy, groceries and basic necessities for children. Call 096 904 8338 to coordinate your donation with the administrator. <Or if your heart is bigger than your knowledge of Spanish, have your facilitator help you.> The 5th article is about innocent dreams that grow between the gardens and pastures, and the children of the countryside.

Cuenca celebrated the International Day of the Child on Wednesday. (El Mercurio)

Article 7 is about a government plan to educate gifted children <That was what they were called in my generation. Remember those kids that were considered trouble makers because they got bored and bothered everyone sitting near them?> The sports section starts with “Practice of a sport is a right in life.” <I claim an equal right to practice the sport of couch potatoship.>

Actualidad –

Cinco detenidos tras robo de un cajero automático (Five arrested after ATM robbery) – The police arrested 5 people involved in stealing cash from an ATM at a gas station in Challuabamba early martes, 31/5. Those involved were arrested in different operations including a search of a house in the Guariviña commmunity in Turi parish. Before the robbery, the gang knocked down 2 trees which fell across the vía Cuenca-Azogues to delay police response. At the gas station, it subdued an employee, then used explosives to open the ATM. This is similar to other thefts where explosives were used to destroy ATMs – on 1° de Mayo in the Misicata sector, and on the PanaSur in the Tarqui sector. <So should l have not translated this article because it teaches old gringos how to steal from ATMs?>

Repotenciarán equipos de vigilancia para el combate al narcotráfico (Surveillance equipment to be upgraded to combat drug trafficking) – Pres. Lasso announced actions to upgrade various surveillance equipment in the fight against drug trafficking. The Government will strengthen the Armed Forces with a focus adapted to the threats related to narco-trafficking. The radar that was installed in Manabí to detect drug flights will be repaired. It was installed el pasado 27/10, and damaged in an explosion from as yet unknown causes 11 days later. Naval Forces will also be equipped to detect and intercept drug boats. Regarding the violence in the last few months, Lasso considered it a response from the gangs who have lost territory and income. Because of that, the Armed Forces and Policía Nacional will be deployed over the whole country.

Incorporarán a 100 agentes para reducir hacinamiento en cárceles (100 agents to be added to reduce prison overcrowding) – 100 workers with backgrounds in areas such as psychology, law, social work and administration will join the Servicio Nacional de Atención Integral a Personas Adultas Privadas de la Libertad y a Adolescentes Infractores (SNAI) in junio to reduce prison overcrowding. They are trained in the areas of treatment, prison benefits, use of electronic geopositioning devices and reintroduction into society. The new agents will start by immediately analyzing the number of prisoners who have served enough time and could be eligible for prison benefits or regime changes. According to institutional registers, 6,258 prisoners are candidates for prison benefits and regime changes to semi-open. <I think that prison benefits and regime changes have technical meanings beyond my knowledge of Spanish or law.>

Descuentos y compras –

El Mercurio – Wok for $18.75 plus IVA. 2 yr guarantee, can be used on gas, electric, glass top, and induction ranges. It has a handle, flat bottom, and steep sides. – available at El Mercurio offices. <To my eyes, it’s not a real wok because of the flat bottom, but probably as good as you can get outside of a Chinatown.>

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