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Lasso confirms his third presidential bid

Guillermo Lasso, who narrowly lost to Lenin Moreno in the 2017 presidential election, announced Friday that he will be a candidate in the February 2021 election. Lasso, a centrist-conservative, was also defeated by former president Rafael Correa in 2013.

Guillermo Lasso

The announcement, made during a Radio Quito interview, comes as no surprise since Lasso said he would probably run again following his 2017 defeat.

“Ecuador’s economy has deteriorated in the last three years because of weak, ineffective leadership and it is time for new ideas,” Lasso said. “The main problem is a lack of decent employment, with six out of 10 Ecuadorians either unemployed or underemployed. We have a crisis in labor policy, working conditions and informal employment and my campaign will address these issues.”

Lasso is the leader of the Creo political movement, which has challenged and Correa’s and Moreno’s Alianza Pais party over the past decade. Lasso, a former Guayaquil bank president, said he is relocating to Quito to “better understand” political issues to build his political base.

A recent poll showed Lasso in second place among potential 2021 presidential contenders, trailing former Guayaquil mayor Jaime Nebot.

8 thoughts on “Lasso confirms his third presidential bid

  1. Isn’t it sad that tradition prevents countries from doing the practical thing and importing leaders/ candidates from places with better heritages for honest efficient governments ….at least until the local culture becomes capable of producing their own?

    I do not blame or castigate any natiuon for the logical result of centuries of unfortunate training, but repeating the same mistakes over and over is not a solution.

    P.S. How difficult is it for Norwegians to learn Spanish or English or Russian?

    1. The Here and Now is the result of following the same path, past and present. Communism and Socialism rules South America. There is much financial trouble here and it can only be blamed on the inherited style of Government. A FREE economy without Government control and Ownership would do much for S America. Ecuador has the technology of the 21st century and the training and standards of the 19th century.
      Leadership must represent the people, not just a few at the top.

      1. A “free economny without government control”? Do you really think THAT will help the common man in the streets? And that it will “represent the people”? What have you been smoking? Please name for us countries where there is a “free economy without government control”. I will anxiously be waiting, but I have little hope that you will produce anything coherant. Your statement that “Communisn and Socialism rules South America” is just foolish on its face. You apparantly have no understanding of those two governing systems. Again, please identify for us the “Communist” countries in South America. Just for a starter in your education, the only countries in the world that currently practice Communism are China, Cuba, Laos, North Korea (questionable) and Vietnam. Now search a map of South America for them. You can even include North America and Central America in your hunt for one of those countries.

      2. Yes and even more insane is the fact that so many Gringos in South America especially Ecuador love Socialism and even some are pushing for communism. These Gringos that want that need to go live in places like Venezuela and China.

        1. Or Canada, where I started. ALL the richest countries in the world are socialist. Forgive me, but were there any countrymen of yours that were not brain-washed?

      3. Kenyon. I don’t now whether to feel good or bad for you. As I have said before, after 45 years of US cold war propaganda, communism/socialism, merely means anyone who doesn’t agree with an American. And if you look to China, whatever they call their economic system has proved itself the best growth system in human history. Hands down.

        Capitalism, the American sort, has not had a really good day between the 18t9 century robber barons, and the 2019 robber barons.

        Yet considering the swift collapse of the anglo-world, fooling yourself is not such a bad idea. Better solution than opioids.

        Ecuador’s financial troubles began when western civilization arrived. I had hoped the abuse was over, but Moreno/Pence may have ushered in another round.

      4. Communism and Socialism rule in South America? You clearly know nothing about the history of South America.

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