Lasso plans third presidential run in 2021

Mar 15, 2018 | 8 comments

A narrow loser to President Lenin Moreno in last year’s presidential election, Guillermo Lasso announced Wednesday that he will run again in 2021. The leader of the center-right CREO party, Lasso made the announcement at a symposium at George Washington University in the U.S.

Guillermo Lasso

In his comments, Lasso said Ecuador needs to embrace the 21st century and join the “rising tide of internationalism,” particularly in the area of trade. “Thankfully, we are leaving the narrow, corrupt thinking of [former president] Rafael Correa behind us but much more needs to be done to revitalize Ecuador’s economy. After showing early signs of promise, the new government has proven to be a disappointment.”

Lasso told the George Washington audience that he supports Ecuador’s entrance into the Pacific Trade Alliance with Chile, Colombia, Peru and Mexico. “President Moreno said he is considering joining our neighbors and I hope he has the courage to follow through.”.

Lasso lost a 2013 presidential bid against Correa, winning only 23 percent of the vote but came within one percent last year of defeating Moreno.

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