Lasso’s approval rating drops below 30% but the National Assembly’s is even lower

May 21, 2022 | 5 comments

As he marks his first year in office, President Guillermo Lasso’s approval rating among Ecuadorians has hit a new low. In a new poll by Click Report, only 29% gave him a “good” rating. The poll results mirror that of two other recent polls showing deep dissatisfaction with presidential leadership and the direction the country is headed.

President Guillermo Lasso

If it is any consolation for Lasso, the poll rated the National Assembly even lower, at an abysmal 9.6%.

Of the nine categories Click Report asked 760 respondents to rate, Lasso received a positive rating only in one: his handling of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In his worst rating, Lasso received only 12.76% approval for protecting citizens from crime. In other categories, the president’s approval was: 15.25% for controlling the cost of living; 16.58% for job creation; 17.4% for fighting corruption; 17% for public investment; 15.5% for general management; 21% for housing; 34% for international affairs; 25.5% for health care; and 25.8% for education.

For his pandemic response, Lasso registered 66% support, receiving the most credit for management of the vaccination program.

In their evaluation of the National Assembly, only 9.6% of respondents said it was doing a good job. Responding to a number of questions regarding legislation, most positive responses were in the single digits. Almost 93% of those asked said it was a mistake to grant amnesty to 270 political protesters, some of whom had been accused of committing criminal acts, including arson and kidnapping.

Respondents were non-committal on how they might vote on several questions in a public referendum with more than 50% saying they would wait and see what the questions are before deciding. Lasso has suggested he will ask for elimination of the CCPS, for support of changes to the employment law and for his proposal to attract international investment.

Former pollster for Click Report and Cedatos, Milton Fuentes, said Lasso’s negative numbers are not surprising given the state of the economy. “No president would fare very well  under the current circumstances. The pandemic has been brutal on the economy and the war in Ukraine is simply salt in the wound,” he said. “The negative numbers have very little to do with political ideology, as some might suggest. Ecuadorians have always rewarded their leaders in prosperous times and punished them in unprosperous times.”

Fuentes added: “Although this and other polls have bolstered the hopes of supporters of former president Rafael Correa, they really cannot take much encouragement from them. Based on the overwhelming lack of support for the National Assembly, the Correistas appear to be in even less favor than the president.”


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