Latam strike in Chile could affect flights in Ecuador and other Latin American countries

Apr 22, 2018 | 0 comments

Latin America’s largest carrier has cancelled hundreds of flights after a flight attendants union rejected a contract offer from the Chile-based airline, bringing the number of grounded passengers to 300,000 since the strike began last week.

Latam flights in Ecuador could be affected by Chile strike.

The company said a total of 1,575 flights operated by LAN Express – the Chilean subsidiary of LATAM Airlines – have been cancelled through April 25 as LAN continues to negotiate with the 1,000 member Cabin Crew Union. The two groups had initially come to an agreement, but the union later changed its mind and decided to keep the boycott going.

On Friday, the Latam cargo workers union said it might join the strike in the coming week.

Although most of the cancellations to date have been in Chile and Argentina, the airline says some flights to other Latin American countries have been cancelled and that in-country service in countries such as Ecuador and Peru could be grounded if a resolution to the labor dispute is not found soon.

So far, international flights to North America and Europe have not been affected.


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