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Latin Americans relish the irony that Russia may have installed a right-wing puppet government in the U.S.

Editor’s note: The Latin American media are taking perverse delight in the prospect that Russian espionage may have played a role in last month’s election of Donald Trump as president of the U.S. For decades, U.S. resources were used to install right-wing puppet presidents in Latin America. Versions of the following satire have appeared in the press and on websites throughout Latin America.

By Quentin D Fortesqueue

Thousands of people are feared dead in Central and Latin America this week after literally laughing their heads off at the news that the CIA is complaining that Russia may have rigged the US election and installed a right wing puppet dictator.

With global irony reserves critically low this comes as yet another blow to the global satire industry.

We approached Manuel Noriega, the former CIA stooge, intelligence asset, gun runner and cocaine smuggler who mysteriously became the President of Panama in 1983, and asked him what he thought of the allegations. He said from his prison cell;

U.S.’s Henry Kissinger with Chile’s General Pinochet.

“Ahahahahahahaha. Haaaaaaaaa haaaaaaa haaaaaaaaa!”

Unable to get any sense from Señor Noriega we went to Chile where the CIA installed General Pinochet in 1973. We asked the wife of Eugenio Berrios, the biochemist who invented black cocaine, who was assassinated by Pinochet to cover up the use of Sarin Gas and anthrax against political opponents, what she thought of the rumors.

“Good one. Haaaaaa hahaha. Honestly don’t. Hoo hoo hoo. I can’t breathe. Seriously get help. Hahahahaha. It’s too funny. Haaaa.”

We were unable to get any sense from anybody in Iraq, the Congo, Venezuela, Brazil or the Philippines as they were laughing too busy laughing themselves stupid.


Credit: The Rochdale Herald,

  • Don C.

    Turnabout is fair play. How does that shoe fit on the other foot (now that it is not in your mouth?)

  • Joe M

    I was disappointed that the Editor’s note would be so misleading. It referred to “Latin American media,” but not a single example from Latin American media was offered — in fact, the only example came from a satirical site based in the U.K.

    • KeithB

      Do a search and you’ll find plenty of examples. Pretty funny cartoon the other day in Universo. The media is having a blast with it.

  • Alex H

    What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. There was a very funny cartoon in an Argentina paper showing Trump dressed up like a junta general with Putin as the puppeteer.

  • skypilot177

    Boy, somebody had to make a real stretch to reach that conclusion.

  • StillWatching

    If you can’t see the irony in this, you are blind and if you are honest and candid, you might admit to sharing in the perverse pleasure of seeing the justice in this situation. I do.

    By the way, this is pretty good satirical writing.

  • Westbrook

    Regardless, Cuenca and Ec. are raking in many millions off investments of Norteamericanos. If the US goes down it will mean catastrophic global losses for countless innocent people. Nothing to laugh at for sure.

    • Globetrotter

      There it is again. That odd myopia, characteristic of gringos.

      The facts are well-known and clear. America owes more than any nation in the history of the planet. That debt is crushing the planet and it gets bigger every second. And if one adds up the US dollars outside the country, it is clear that the world has been paying for the US high life for decades. The US has a military bigger than all the rest put together because it needs it. And like clockwork, every few years, unmonitored Wall Street greed regularly kicks the world in the gut, (save for Wall Street).

      The casual exploitation of Latin America, the Far East, Africa and even its own allies is infamous and ancient, along with “tinkle-down” economics.
      And America has been the world’s biggest environmental bad guy forever. Its ruthless reach into other countries has left a trail of numbered bank accounts, vast polluted areas and obsolete US weaponry bought by bribed Presidentes who should be feeding their people instead of fighting an unwinnable battle to stop the American lust for illicit drugs.

      Does anyone think that anything will now change with Trump’s junta of billionaires and generals? Let’s pray his attention is not drawn to
      Ecuador! (shiver)

      What would happen if US intervention (what people on this forum are”investment”) ended? Fewer brutal strong men? More roads and hospitals? Less profits and resources sent to gringos far away?

      But now the traditional contempt accorded the exploited is no longer as easy to relish. Seems that non-US elements can manipulate Americans as easily as they manipulated others. AND they can do it in the light of day with a smug shrug and a Fox News denial. So a colossal deadly army + Homeland Security + the NSA+ the CIA + FBI + the stripping of the entire world’s privacy cannot protect the US from itself.

  • LadyMoon

    The irony is not lost on me! My 10-year old granddaughter asked me in May “why do people hate the USA?” Old Gran had to tap dance around that one…but I was honest and brief.

    • Globetrotter

      I would have thought that an honest answer to a question that complex would have taken great care and time.

  • Jason Faulkner

    When does China call in the debt and bring on some crippling austerity?

    • Huntley

      40% of every dollar the US spends on immigrants – legal and illegal – and all else, is borrowed; mostly from China. Interestingly, 40% of Mexico’s Gross National Product (GNP) is earnings sent back to MX from relatives working in the good old US. Many Ec. taxis are purchased with good earnings in the US the drivers report. Westbook is correct; countless innocents will be hurt if the US falls.

      • Jason Faulkner

        Just think of the surpluses the US could run if it weren’t spending a trillion per year trying to control the world.