Law enforcement festival at football stadium features acrobats, jumping dogs, dancing horses, mock rescues and skydivers

Nov 8, 2014

Thousands of spectators will be treated to a fast-paced variety show of law enforcement skills and talents in Alejandro Serrano stadium beginning at 10 this morning.

Event sponsors expect a crowd of 18,000 to attend demonstrations of crime fighting techniques as well as gymnastics, acrobatic and dog and horse performances. The show, which is an annual event and part of Cuenca’s foundation festivities, will be highlighted by 12 paratroopers from the Special Operations Group parachuting into the stadium. The skydivers will launch from helicopters at 3,000 feet above the stadium.

A specially trained police unit known as the Bluebirds will perform a variety of acrobatic tricks in navigating an obstacle course.

Police equestrian and canine units will also provide demonstrations while police commandos will perform a mock rescue operation against a criminal gang.