Leprosy ministry has ended but Dominican nuns still active in Cuenca; Booster eligibility expands; Animal symbology exhibit; Gypsy rock band clowns around

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Lunes, 14/2/2022

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From el periodico del sábado, 12/2/2022

Úywacuna’ muestra la simbología animal en las artesanías populares (Úywacuna’ shows animal symbology in popular handicrafts) – CIDAP opened an exhibit with 200 of their 8500 pieces el sábado which will run for 2 months. Gabriela Vásquez, CIDAP’s director, said there were 3 curatorial nuclei: the everyday with animals, the spiritual and divine, and fantastical hybrid animals. The works show different animals and are of different sizes and colors. They are made from ceramics both modeled and molded; hand embroidered tapestries that are stained, painted or woven; stained glass pieces glued with tin; sculptured wood, painted or engraved; and cast iron and cut metal.

Once a home for lepers in the La Floresta barrio, the health center run by Dominican sisters now attends to other needs. (El Mercurio)

Attendees can participate in teaching activities such as puppet shows, interact with animals from the Amaru Zoo, listen to and color stories and legends, and paint ceramics. They will receive clay whistles in the shapes of birds done by local craftspeople.

ArtExperience presenta una obra cargada de risa con “Los rodamundos” (ArtExperience presents a play full of laughter with “Los rodamundos”) – “Los rodamundos” is a musical comedy starring Damián Albornoz & Davis Matute as two clowns who are the main characters. The characters have a gypsy rock band which has toured the world and is now in Cuenca where funny things happen. The multiple shows will be el 18 & 19/2 in Casa Unguz, el 24/2 at the Café Wunderbar, and el 25 in the Cafetería Galería Neleb. All shows are at 20:00. Make reservations at each venue or on their Instagram page.

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El amor rompe lo cotidiano (Love breaks the everyday) – The article is about 2 couples. <Valentine’s Day, you know.>

Cuenca –

Barrio con influencia de dominicas (Neighborhood with Dominican influence) – The La Floresta I barrio, of Lazareto, is in the Bellavista parish 10 minutes north of the city center. In this place, blessed by nature, is full of the evidence of the Dominican sisters who served patients with leprosy. The order started in France, and was called to serve lepers who, at that time, were practically buried alive, so dreaded was the disease. In 1888, Father Jacinto María Cormier asked Mother Hedwige Portalete, founder of the Hermanas Dominicas de la Inmaculada Concepción, to serve the lepers, but no one wanted to go except Mother María Dominga Font who went with another 4 sisters who stepped up. They never returned to their lands. Sister Rosita said that it’s been about 10 years since the last patient with Hansen’s disease died, but the sisters’ work in the community continues in the sanitarium which now houses the “Madre Dominga Font” pastoral center and a health center.

Nacional –

Adelantan refuerzo de vacunación para mayores de 18 años (Going forward with boosters for people over 18) – The schedule for giving booster vaccinations for people over 18 started today in the whole country. The requirement is that it has been 5 months since the completion of the complete vaccination (2 doses). Bring you vaccine card or certificate. The boosters will be either Pfizer or AstraZeneca. Also anyone over 5 who has been diagnosed with moderate or serious immunosuppression can get a 3d dose. If you have had Covid you can get vaccinated as long as you do not have any symptoms such as fever, cough, headache or respiratory problems.

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GM recall – For the 2021 Chevrolet All New Captiva. Some of the cars need their fuel pumps inspected for possible replacement at no cost to the owner. Contact the Centro de Atención at Cliente Chevrolet Call center 1800 243876 and/or atencion.chevrolet@gm.com.

Boyacá – Lowest prices of the year with up to 60% off and 12 months interest free at cash prices – until 27/2.

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