Life In Cuenca First Edition Table of Contents

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Introduction  1

Who Are We to Write This Book? 3



CHAPTER ONE: Why Expatriate To Cuenca?

Why Expatriate?  6

Why Cuenca?  6

The Rush to Cuenca  8

The Nature of Duality  11



Why Can’t I Get a Reliable Weather Forecast?  14

Here Comes the Sun?  15

For the Record  16

To Freeze or Not to Freeze  16

Walking on Sunshine  18

Out for the Afternoon  19

Cuenca’s Too-High Life  21

Attraction or Downside?  23


CHAPTER THREE: Cost of Living

The Cuenca High-Life Budget  25

The Cuenca Low-Life Budget  31

Attraction or Downside?  33


CHAPTER FOUR: Money Issues

Cash or Credit?  36

Gringo Prices  37

Tipping or Overtipping  44

The Destiny of the US Dollar in Ecuador  48

More on Inflation  51

Attraction or Downside?  53


CHAPTER FIVE: Infrastructure

Water  54

Electricity  54

Gas  55

Landline Phones  57

Cell Phones  57

Internet  59

Cable TV  60

Health and Medical Care  61

Health Insurance  62

Cuenca Means Good Health  63

Attraction or Downside?  63


CHAPTER SIX: Transportation

Walking  65

Required Equipment, Hazards, and Do’s and Don’ts  68

Local Buses  69

Taxis  73

Having Your Own Car  78

Long-Distance Buses  78

Air Travel and Airlines  81

Attraction or Downside?  82


CHAPTER SEVEN: The Low Impact of Gringos

Large Enough to Be Small Enough   84

Plenty to Do  85

Opportunities to Learn Spanish  86

What the Ecuadorians Say About Expats  87

Attraction or Downside?  89


CHAPTER EIGHT: Civil Law Versus Common Law

Personal Responsibility  90

Crossing the Street  92

Who’s Backwards?  94

Danger! Popular Tourist Attraction Ahead!  94

“Prescription” Drugs  96

Attraction or Downside?  97


CHAPTER NINE: Cross-Cultural Conundrums

Punctuality  99

Efficiency  103

Honesty  105

“Let Me Tell You How We Do It Back Home”  106

Couples That Move Away Together Might Not Stay Together  107

Attraction or Downside?  110


CHAPTER TEN: Definite Downsides

Crime and Security  112

Noise  113

Pollution  114

Attraction or Downside?  115



CHAPTER ELEVEN: How Many Gringos Live in Cuenca?

The Information Rumor Highway  117

2,200 to 2,400 Permanent Residents, 2,500 Maybe  118

Cuenca College for Expats  122


CHAPTER TWELVE: Visas and Immigration

T-3 Tourist Stamp  125

12-IX Tourist Visa  125

9-I Pensioner’s Visa  125

9-II Investor’s Visa  126

Ecuadorian Citizenship  126

New Cuenca Immigration Office  126


CHAPTER THIRTEEN: Government Matters

Limited Interaction with Authorities  128

If You Start Your Business  128

Why the Prez is Good for Expats  129

CHAPTER FOURTEEN: Cuenca’s Real Estate and Rental Markets

Renting  133



Bananas  137

DiBacco 138

Eucalyptus Café  138

Fabiano’s 139

Inca Lounge and Bistro 139

La Viña  139

Windhorse Café  140

Colón Restaurant and Bar  140

Café San Sebas and California Kitchen  140

Carolina Bookstore  140

Gringo Nights  141


CHAPTER SIXTEEN: Expat Resources

International Living  142

Live and Invest Overseas  142

GringoTree  143

CuencaHighLife  144

Books on Expatriating  144

Expat Internet Forums  144

Expat Blogs  147



Exploratory Trips  149

Your First Few Months  150

Stay in Touch  151

About the Authors  158



Expat Community News

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