Local coffee rated among the best in Ecuador; Yunguilla and Loja Province brands receive highest awards in national competition

Oct 28, 2016 | 0 comments

Coffee from Azuay Province was judged second only to that produced by neighboring Loja Province in the 2016 Ecuador Gold Cub awards.

Yunguilla Valley coffee.

Yunguilla Valley coffee.

The National Association of Coffee Exporters, which runs the annual competition, rated coffee produced in the Yunguilla Valley, 40 miles south of Cuenca, to be “Superior Quality.” Coffee gown under the name Anecafé received at 90-point rating, best in Azuay. Gustavo Landivar Heredia is owner of Anecafé.

In addition, coffee grown in Pichincha and Imbabura Provinces also received high ratings.

The best coffee grown in Ecuador is from Hacienda Papaya, on the Loja – Azuay Province border, 20 miles south of Yunguilla. The coffee won two first place awards in U.S. competitions last year and competed in the world coffee champtionships in Dublin, Ireland in July.

Both the Hacienda Papaya and Anecafé coffee are produced only for export to the United States.


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