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Loja ‘meat market’ billboard taken down following social media and radio protests

The billboard posted near the Technical University campus in Loja.

On the order of Loja Mayor José Castillo, a billboard showing a model caressing a bloody chunk of beef was removed by city workers Monday afternoon. The sign, paid for by a local meat market and bearing the catch-line “Tenemos el mismo sabor” (“We have the same flavor”), had drawn angry reactions on social media and talk radio shows.

Castillo agreed that the sign, which appeared near the entrance of Loja’s Technical University, was offensive to women. “It is an outrage not just to women but to all people who respect human dignity and common sense. I will not tolerate this kind of trash on our streets.”

The mayor asked the police department to begin an immediate review of rules governing billboard advertising and to propose new ones, if necessary, to “protect the dignity of all citizens.”

Much of the anger on Loja social media networks was aimed at the model who appeared on the billboard. “She may feel that she is not worth more than a piece of meat and obviously she will do anything for a dollar, even smear herself with blood,” wrote one commenter on a Facebook group page. “She does not speak for me or any of my sisters,” the comment continued.

5 thoughts on “Loja ‘meat market’ billboard taken down following social media and radio protests

  1. Although the comments and complaints made against this sign demonstrate a complete ignorance of Santanism, at least Ecuadorians are going with their instincts and rejecting this trash. There must be at least one German Cannibal down there in Vilcabamba who is really upset by the sign being taken down.

  2. The mothers/sisters/cousins/aunts/grandmothers/wife/daughters of the man who owns this company should take him into a room and educate him.

    1. Who’s to say that they don’t already? The billboard looks like it was created by a masochist. Punishment could be his inspiration.

  3. The sign is being honest about it….big hunk of bloody meat, human woman, lust for blood all to be sanitized by keeping it out of sight – keep it up for the truth of the matter. Then did you see all the deaths of innocent life by USA drones No ?! Sanitized for your ignorance. Cheers all !

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