Long-distance and tourist bus companies will require vaccine cards beginning Wednesday

Jan 10, 2022 | 52 comments

Beginning Wednesday, January 12, all passengers of inter- and intra-provincial buses will be required to show proof of Covid-19 vaccination when they purchase tickets. Adrián Castro, director of the National Transportation Agency, said the requirement has received approval from the national Emergency Operations Committee.

Proof of Covid-19 vaccines will be required for inter- and intra-provincial bus travel beginning January 17.

Vaccination cards for children aged 5 to 12 will be required on January 17 while those under five are exempt .

The rule also applies to tourist buses and vans that travel between cities or cross provincial borders. It does not apply to municipal public transportation, such as local bus companies and Cuenca’s tram, since these are not under the authority of the ANT. Castro said, however, that he is encouraging municipalities to institute their own vaccination requirements, saying that Guayaquil has already announced such a plan.

According to Castro, bus companies that fail to check passenger vaccine status will be fined the equivalent of foru monthly minimum salaries, or $1,700, for each violation. In the case of passengers who claim to have lost their vaccine certificates, transport operators will be required to verify vaccine status on the Ministry of Health’s website.

In other transporation news, all airports offering domestic flights began checking vaccination status at entrances last weekend. The new requirements also limit entry into terminals to one passenger and one companion or to those conducting business with airport employees.


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