Lunes, 10/4/2017: 1,500 homes flooded in Manabi, Cheese and chocolate fair, Presidential vote decision, Ancestral medicine festival

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Hola, Todos – 

Pagina cultural –

Header event –

Concierto – the Academia de Música Saula will resent a concert of sacred and popular music este martes, 11/4 a las 20:00 in the Teatro Sucre. Free

Articles about –

CIDAP – When CIDAP was founded in 1975, it created a library and documentation center which have been combined into a specialized library dedicated to everything about crafts. Hours are 8-13:30 y 14:30-17:00, M-F. You can also go to their webpage (http://documentacion.cidap, <If their books on crafts covers all the Americas you might luck out and find English language books.>

“Siembrarte” (a made up word combining siembrar (to plant) and arte (art)) – This cultural group will be giving workshops in Latin American music and dance from 17/4-13/5. There will be 3 two hour workshops each week for a month in stringed, wind, and percussion instruments; and in traditional dance. They will probably be in the afternoon and you can register at the CCE (Cordero y Córdova).

Día del Teatro – The CCE and U. of Cuenca developed conferences, workshops and presentations from 23/3 to 27/4 in honor of the Day of Theater on 27/3.

Open House – The Therapeutic Community, “Mujer de Valor” (Woman of Value) had an open house in the Museo de la Ciudad. You missed a concert with quartz bowls, a music therapy to open chakras and energize yourself. <Huh? Another language to me – one I have no idea how to translate.>

Sound lab – SONO is giving a workshop from Mon. to Thu from 17-20:00 on experimenting with sound. On Thu. there will be a final show with a concert at 20:00. Cost: $25. On 19 & 20/4, there will be a contemporary dance event.

From Sunday’s paper –

Festival de Medicina Ancestral – On the 13, 14, 15, y 16/4 from 8-16:00 there will be an Ancestral Medicine Festival in the plazoleta at the Museo Pumapungo.

Otras cosas –

Titular – CNE notifica resultados hoy (CNE reports results today) – CREO responded that the deadline for challenges in the provinces hasn’t ended and one can’t proclaim results while these are unresolved. The CREO VP candidate asked the Electoral Dispute Tribunal to impeach the pres. of the CNE. <What’s the saying about beating a dead horse?>

Manabí “bajo el agua” (under water) – About 1,500 houses were affected in the last few days by the rains, 1,450 in the Santa Ana canton. Another 30 houses in Manta were affected by the rise of the Manta River, there was a landslide in Jipijapa, and parts of Portoviejo woke up covered in water.

Fair – “Macanas, Queso, Cocolate y algo más” (Macanas, Cheese, Chocolate and more) will be in the Complejo Cultural Pumapungo from 13-16/4. There will be crafts, gastronomy and culture.

Vacation days – The 13 & 14/4 are obligatory holidays for all public and private employees in the canton of Cuenca. <Banks will be closed, although I think ATMs stay open. But will buses run?>

Abonos organicos – Emurplag is selling organic fertilizer. <This is the municipal company that runs the slaughterhouse, so you can imagine what they grind up to make fertilizer.) You can get it at their plant next to the Camal (slaughterhouse) en Patamarca.

Landslide – A landslide on sábado morning covered the Panamericana Norte at km. 12, burying a pickup truck. It took 8 hours for the equipment to reach the 2 bodies. Another driver reported seeing 2 cars buried, but workers had not found a 2nd car yesterday afternoon by the time 90% of the material had been removed.

Amenidades –

Martes de cine francés – The Tuesday movie at 17:00 in the Alianza Francesa will be Vandal.

Puppet workshop – There will be a puppet making workshop for children and youth from today to viernes, 14/4 at 16:00 in the Centro Cultural El Rosal (Dalas y Carolina, El Rosal barrio).

República Sur – It will celebrate its 2nd anniversary on miércoles, 12/4 at 21:00 with “una fiesta espectacular.” Cover: $7 per person, including a drink and $10 for 2 people.

Deportes –

Baby BMX – More than 100 riders took to the course in La Concordia yesterday in the qualifying rounds. The next round will be in Puyo this coming weekend. <I guess bikes trump Easter.> Competitors ranged from 3 year olds on striders to 14 and 15 year olds.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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