Lunes, 11/7/2016: Bus crash, Complaints about Simón Bolívar redondel closure, Jewelry workshop, Animal rights ordinance

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Floating houses – Manuel Castellano has written a book containing painted and photographed images going back 300 years with the earlier photo fromchl jeanne logo 1860.  The cane and balsa houses were along the Babahoyo, Daule and Guayas rivers, sometimes sharing dock space with steam boats.  The recent photos show interiors and exteriors of houses still along the Babahoyo. The author calls this life a “cultura anfibia” (amphibious culture – it’s a sad comment on my memory when I have to enter a word into Google translate just to get the English spelling.)

Jewelry workshop – The Jewelers’ Association of Azuay and CIDAP are holding a practical jewelry workshop for youth.  It will run for 1 month.  (It almost sounds like a pre-aprenticeship thing. The Association is going to identify students with potential.) Go to CIDAP for more info.  Cost: $120.00 (Real cost $600.00, but CIDAP is subsidizing a big chunk.)

La Galería Estudio de Arte “La Higuera” (César Dávila y Alfonso Moreno Mora) – This art studio/gallery will reopen next month and is inviting scenic and visual artists interested in exhibiting to submit their proposals.  They will also have a ceramics studio. For more info call 099 440 6146 or 098 317 9725.

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Titular – En autopista, el límite al circular es de 100 km/h (Autopista speed limit – 100 kph) – The speed limit is lower in construction zones.  La Comisión de Tránsito del Ecuador (Fed. Highway Dept?) installed two new radars at Vista Linda and colegio Caraicoa.  They are currently in a 30 day (more or less) testing and publicity phase.

Bank sale – The sale of Banco del Pacifico should be finalized towards the end of the year.  It was valued by MBA Lazard and is the 2nd most important bank in the financial system.  (That description is a literal translation and I don’t understand the rest of the article.)

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Venezuela/Colombia – The Colombian State Department estimated over 35,000 people crossed into Colombia to Cúcuta yesterday to buy food and medicines not available in Venezuela The “corredor humanitarío” was set up by both countries.  (Looks like Black Friday at the mall.)

Colombia – FARC accused the military of attacking some of their delegates to the peace negotiations.  An agreement was signed on 23/6.

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Bus crash – A Flota Imbabura bus from Quito plowed through the exterior walls of 3 houses, wiped out a power post, and wound up parked across 3 patios.  The accident occured at km 12 of the autopista.

EMOV – Over the weekend, 20 drivers were detained for being under the influence. If your blood alcohol level is between .03 & .08 grams per liter, you will pay a fine of one “Salario Básico Unificado” (about $360), get 5 points taken off your license, and spend 5 days in prison.  (Don’t even ask what the penalty is if you’re driving without a license on top of driving drunk.)

Animal protection ordinance – The official name is “Ordenanza para el Control y Manejo de la Fauna Urbana y de la Protección de los Animales Domésticos de Compañía en el Cantón Cuenca. The ordinance prohibits dog fighting but allows cock fighting.  It provides for the creation of an Animal Management Unit within the Commission of Environmental Management.

Simón Bolívar redondel – Closure of the redondel “mata” (kills) commerce.  The gas station made all but two employees go on “vacación,” and other businesses and employees are suffering as well.  (Yeah, yeah. I know you’re suffering, too, but this was an article about the effects on commerce.)

Bailoterapia – Parents can also participate in summer camps with the Federación Deportiva (Sports) del Azuay.  A bailoterapia class will be given M-F from 10-11:00 on the esplanade at the Coliseo Mayor Jefferson Pérez.  The two goals are to get the parents into some physical activity and set an example for the kids.  It sounded like registrations for the class are already closed.

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