Lunes, 1/2/2016: Medicinal plants classes, French classes, Teachers fight for retirement bonus, Save the frogs, Carnivals all over

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Jueves de Comadres (Godmothers’ Thursday) – this Thu, 4/2 in the Casa de la Mujer (General Torres 7-45 y Sucre) at 10:00, and in the Hemiciclo (?) del Parque Calderón at 18:00.chl jeanne logo

Eventos carnaveleros – Carnaval events in the Centro de Desarrollo Infantil (Child Development Center) at the Complejo Deportivo Totoracocha on Fri., 5/2 at 9:00.

Articles about

The “Victor Manuel Albornoz” library on the 2nd floor of the Museo Pumapungo (don’t know if that’s an Ecuadorian or US 2nd floor) which has an important collection of hojas volantes (leaflets – your word for the day) from 1824 to 1960.

Carnaval activities will be at various cultural centers and museums. The Dirección de Cultura del Municipio de Cuenca will implement a monthly “tour” to visit various parishes starting this Carnaval weekend with El Valle, Tarqui & Baños. (No other information given so you’re on your own if you’re interested. Or wait and see if there’s a followup article.)

The Casa de Chaguarchimbana will have courses on medicinal plants and on kitchen, vertical and indoor gardens starting 15/3. Register at the Centro Cultural “El Ángel de Chaguarchimbana” (Las Herrerías y de las Retamas) or by phone at 409 6994. Hours to be determined. The Casa de Chaguarchimbana and Otorongo will also have special parties for el Día del Amor y la Amistad (Day of Love and Friendship – Valentine’s Day).

New ways to learn (I’m assuming French) at the Alianza Francesa starting Mon, 15/2. There is also more flexibility in the courses including intensive courses where part is taught on line. 5% discount for registering before Carnaval. Hours are from 7-20:00.

San Blas will be having Festividades Patronales in honor of patron saint San Blas on Tue, 2/2 starting at 19:00 with a band, a procession with an image of the patron saint at 19:30, a mass at 20:00, a social program at 21:00, and lighting a traditional “castillo” at 22:00.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Las parroquias ya viven el Carnaval (Parishes already living Carnaval)

Teachers – with 30 years of service and between 60 & 70 years old are not going to receive an incentive payment of $54,900 for retiring. The mandatory retirement age is 70, and those retirees will not be affected. (I don’t know if teachers get this payment as an incentive to retire, or if it’s a lump sum pension.) Nationally, 14,000 teachers are affected and some are taking legal action.

Assembly members – from 17 countries that compose the Parliamentary Network for Latinamerican and Caribbean Sovereignty and Unity delivered a proclamation to Celac which expressed a common interest to reinforce the Network to contrarrestar “las amenazas de la agenda neoliberal de la región.” (counteract the threat of the neoliberal agenda to the region).

Auto registrations – start today for cars with plates ending with 1. Jan. was for owners who didn’t register their vehicles in 2015 or those who wanted to register in advance of their scheduled month. There are 4 centers – Mayancela, Capulispamba, Terminal Terrestre y Parque de la Madre, of which the 1st two have the mechanical inspections, and all having hours from 8-17:00. The article recommends going early in the month to avoid lines. (If you go on the last couple of days, bring a bottle to pee in because you’ll be in a long, long line of cars waiting to get in for the inspection.)

La Comisión de Gestión Ambiental (CGA – Environmental Management Commission) – will be building 10 fosas (pits, trenches) in the margins of the 4 rivers to preserve 3 species of frogs which are indicator species for water quality in the rivers. (Maybe if the frogs can repopulate, those of you across from the rivers will start hearing “ribit, ribit” (not bud-weis-er, though) along with the sound of the water.)

Internacional –

Colombia – FARC will sign a peace treaty on 23/3 and intends to “hacer política sin armas” (make policy without weapons).

Cuba – due to the effects of El Niño, the country has lost millions in agriculture including sugar cane, tobacco, rice, coffee and vegetables. El Niño has caused droughts and unseasonal rains.

Discuentos –

Gran Aki – Sales on Lenovo 7″ A3300 tablet for 189.99, a GE 20L Microwave oven for 99.99 and an Indurama 249L frig for 569.99 – sale runs from 1/1 to 31/7/1.

Honda – liquidation of 2015 Pilots from $72,990 or $33,990 for the diplomatic corps, NGOs or disabled persons. (I’m not sure I’ve got that right because I don’t see how a car normally going for over 73k can be sold for 34k.)

IESS – discounts of 99% on interest and 100% on fines and surcharges – if you´re an employer who owes IESS and you pay the principal amount to the IESS within the 1st 90 days of the year. (So if you have a cleaning lady and haven’t paid into her social security, this is your chance to get legal, cheap.)

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –




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