Lunes, 12/9/2016: Bank profits fall, Jazz and modern music festival, Lack of mercados

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Rueda de prensa (press conference – that’s a new heading for you guys) – There will be a press conference on 14/9 at 9:30 in the Escuela Central to inform the public about the Primer Festival de Jazz y Música Contemporánea de Cuenca (1st Jazz and Contemporary Music Festival of Cuenca).  The festival will open with a free concert in the Escuela Central. (not even an “ex” to modify the escuela – wonder how many years it’ll take before it’s finally referred to as the Museo de la Ciudad?)

Articles about –

Embajada Saharaui – The Embassy of the República árabe Saharaui democrática is seeking to “difundir” (to spread, broadcast or diffuse – your word for the day) its history, culture, and problems to the people of Ecuador.  El Sahara Occidental is bounded by Morroco, the Atlantic Ocean, Muaritania and Algiers. It was a Spanish colony until 1975.  When Spain abandoned the territory, it illegally gave the land to Morocco and Mauritania giving rise to a conflict which resulted in the displacement of the people who became refugees at the border with Algeria.  The Events at the CCE include a photo exhibit, film  and documentaries about the Saharawi people.

“Yasuní Profundo” (Deep Yasuní) – This collection of paintings by Jorge Chalco will be exhibited in Rome at the Cervantes Institute from 22/9 to 21/10.  The exhibit has been travelling for 3 years – first shown en the Alianza Francesa, then at the Carondelet in Quito and lastly at the Museo Nahim Isaías in Guayaquil.

“Avispero” – This art and culture foundation is bringing psychopedagological support to school children with dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, attention deficit, hyperactivity and behavioral problems with an art program.  The service will start on 3/10 from 16-19:00 at Rigoberto Veintimilla 2-48 y Paucarbamba.

Talleres de Alfabetización Digital (Digital ABC’s Workshops) – The Municipal Department of Culture will be giving workshops from Mon, 19 to Fri., 30/9 in the Centros Culturales Municipales. Students from the Universidad Católica de Cuenca will facilitate the training which will take place in the following cultural centers: El Cebollar, Eucaliptos, El Angel de Chaguarchimbana, Tomebamba, El Rosal, El Alfarero, Los Sauces, an the escuela Taller Cuenca del Vado.

Otras cosas – 

Titular – Largo silencio en recordatorio (A long silence as a reminder) – Six minutes of silence was observed at a memorial ceremony in the gardens at the World Trade Center.  (Broken by Trump’s reminder that until 9/11 he had the 2nd tallest building in lower Manhattan – now he has the tallest one.  What’s lacking in someone that sees 9/11 from that point of view?))

Lack of mercados – Vendors in the rural parishes of Baños, El Valle and Sayausí are asking that markets be constructed so that they will no longer have to occupy public spaces not designed for markets.  The parishes have Sunday markets that are set up in open spaces such as the church plaza, main park and behind the parish council. Vendors complain that they have to cope with mud, dust, lack of basic services and street dogs.  These conditions have persisted anywhere from 8 to over 20 years.

Bank profits fall – Net profits between Jan. & July fell 38% compared to the same period a year ago.  Profits at 21 private banks and the state bank, Banco del Pacífico (so who knew that Banco del Pacifico was a state owned bank?) were at $114,000,000.   The three largest banks, Pichincha, Pacífico, and Guayaquil, acounted for 52% of the combined profits in the banking system and 55% of banking activity.

Street reopening – Luis Cordero will be open to make a right turn onto Gran Colombia.  The concrete blocks preventing access will be removed.   Eventually, raised dividers will be installed to separate vehicular, pedestrian and Tranvía lanes. Currently the lanes are separated by yellow stripes.  (That’ll do a lot of good if an impatient driver decides to use the sidewalk for passing.)

Road closures – Landslides have caused the closures of the viás Gualaceo-Plan de Milagro-Limón and Paute-Guarumales-Méndez going to the Oriente.  The alternate route is the vía Sígsig-Matanga-Gualaquiza.

Deportes –

LAMA – Mario Nieves, the president of the Latin American Motorcycle Association is riding through Latin America on his Harley Road King 1,600 cc bike.  He visited branches of LAMA in Ibarra, Quito, Riobamba, Ambato, Guayaquil and now Cuenca on his way to Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Brasil, Paraguay, Venezuela (hope he’s planned for a good place to lock the bike up in), and Central America. The ride will be more than 65,000 km.  He started in Chicago on 16/2, rode to Florida and then went to Cuba, Colombia, and Ecuador.

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