Lunes, 14/11/2016: Detours and road closures, Final days for candidate registration, Contemporary dance

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Debate on use of public spaces – Actor “Pancho” Aguirre is a proponent of free use of public spaces by artists as long as they leave it clean and do not interfere with other artists or shows already occupying the space.  Francisco Abril, director of Education and Culture for the city said the city is thinking about opening specific spaces in el Centro for music, theater and other disciplines.

Libro – A book of childrens’ stories, “Era o no un colibrí” (Was or was not a hummingbird), written by teacher Rosa Cecilia Abril and illustrated by her students was published by the CCE.

Danza – A contemporary dance company from Quito is in Cuenca to give two performances as well as workshops on improvisation and “escucha corporal” (body listening – is that like feeling the beat and the music and dancing to it instead of flailing around in search of rhythm?)  They will present “Manípulo” on miércoles, 16:30 in the auditorium of the Alianza Frances for the students of the Alianza.   They will present “Cuerpo intuitivo” on jueves in CIDAP at 20:00 and on viernes in the Museo Historia de la Medicina at 19:00.  Cost: $6.00.  The workshops will be on miércoles y jueves (I just may go back to English for days of th week so I can use abbreviations and reduce the typing.) at the U. of Cuenca and on viernes y sábado in the Casa Cuántica.

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Titular – Recta final para inscribir candidatos (Final stretch to register candidates) – Friday is the last day for parties and movements to register their lists of candidates for Pres. & VP; national, provincial and overseas assembly members, and the Andean Parliament.  Election day is 19/2/2017.

Toxoplasmósis – This disease transmitted to humans by cats has diminished in the canton of Cuenca.  44.55% of cats were infected in 1994 but only 16% recently due to greater consciousness on the part of pet owners and an increase in vets. The disease passes to humans who come in contact with the feces of an infected cat. Many people get the disease and never know it, but it is more dangerous to people with depressed immune systems and to the fetus in a pregnant woman.

Road closure – Starting today at 8:00, there will be a temporary closure of Gran Colombia between Manuel Vega and av. Huayna Cápac to put up power poles for the Tranvía.  (Doesn’t say how long, but how long can it take to put up a couple of power poles if you’ve already dug the holes – or even if you haven’t?)

Road changes – Starting this past sábado, Los Laureles will run from av. Ordóñez Lasso to Camino Del Tejar, a change of direction.  Calle Los Cedros, between Ordóñez Lasso and Tejar will become two way.  There will be traffic cops directing traffic.

Discuentos y Compras –

Nissan – 2017 Versa with automatic transmission – $24,860 including IVA y ICE.

Edificio – An “Importante Empresa Multinacional” (Important Multinational Business) is moving and want to sell its current building at av. Repúblic y Pradera in Quito.  For more info go to

Fybeca – 30% off sale on selected skin products – 1-30/11 – Eucerin, Atoderm, Sensibio, Avéne, Bioderma, Endocare, Heliocare, Anthelios, Plante System.

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