Lunes, 16/11/15: Ceremony for Paris victims, tranvía, more parks, expat charity

Nov 17, 2015

Hola, Todos – 

Pagina cultural – 

Programa – la Dirección Cultural Cuenca del Ministerio de Cultura (Department of Culture, Cuenca of the Ministry of Culture) is holding a meeting to promote the program “Abriendo el cubo gris” (Opening the gray cube) (But please don´t if your name is Pandora.) on 25/11 in the Museo Pumapungo.chl jeanne logo

Teatro – Teatro Barojo has a  multimedia formula on Facebook so children can learn about the stories which will be played on Sat. at 16:00 in el Sono. (The kids will probably get there with the script already memorized.)

Taller – on Construcción de Cómic on Thu and Fri from 15-18:00 in La Komuna (on the stairs to the plaza de El Otorongo.  Taught by Gustavo Sanabria of Colombia.

Articles about –

An interview with the last Ocaina Uitoto, one of the main actors in the movie “El Abrazo de la serpiente” which opened La Orquídea film festival-Cuenca.  (He´s got that in common with Ishi.)  The movie is in Uitoto. (No wonder it´s subtitled to Spanish.)

An international tour by guitarist Bolívar Ávilar ends with concerts in Cuenca on Wed y Thu at 19:00 at the Teatro Bolsillo del Sono.  $10.00

The French honorary consulate in Cuenca convened a religious ceremony yesterday in the Iglesia San Alfonso as a memorial to the victims of the attacks in Paris.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Ricuarte atrae por su cultural y tradiciones (Ricuarte attracts due to its culture and traditions) The city celebrated with dancing, games, food and religious acts.  (An accompanying photo show dancers – the guys in those fur chaps.  But he´s barefoot.  Wouldn´t you think if you needed chaps, you´d also need some footwear? Or maybe they´re not chaps for protecting your legs and are decorative.)

Tranvía – work on some bridges and pedestrian passages is delayed. The project is 55.4% complete. Issues at 3 locations are the vendors in the underground passage across Las Americas at El Arenal have to be considered;  a 50 cm diameter water pipe has to be rerouted at the Yanuncay bridge (those of you in 4 Rios who moved because of the noise made a good decision – seems like it´s going to be noisy a lot longer.);  and piles for a retaining wall for the runway at the airport (delaying that sounds scary especially with the rainy season coming).

Farmasol – is constructing its own building near the 27 de Febrero market with 6 stories, 3 of which are underground for storage and parking.  Farmasol will also manufacture its own personal grooming products and import medicines to reduce costs.  The parking for buses from Quingeo and Santa Ana is affected as well as the weekend used clothing market.

Radio in buses – drivers can turn on the radio in the bus, but only thru one speaker close to the driver and at a moderate volume. (Apparently some passengers like to have music while they ride.)

Parks – the city will build several megaparks to reduce the deficit of green space in the urban zone this coming year.

Batteries – you can take your used batteries to La Empresa Eléctrica Centrosur from 8-16:30.  Please put them in container or plastic box.  (You might get some interesting reactions if you put them into a metal can.  Especially if it was a can of cola.)

Extranjeros complen obra solidaria (Foreigners accomplish a work of solidarity) for the Hogar Miguel León and a food bank.  A nice shout out for the dozens of foreign retirees, especially those from the US and Canada who are now part of Cuenca´s population, who want to leave a footprint in Azuay where they have selected to live, through commmunity service to people of scant resources.  (The sentence in the paper was a paragraph long.  So is the translation.)

Deportes –

6K por la educación – was run Sunday by over 3,000 students from 34 institutions.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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