Lunes, 18/4/2016: Earthquake road closures, Earthquake relief collection points, Census of foreign residents, Bicycle motors for sale

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Hola, Todos – 

Pagina cultural – 

OSC – their 3d CD, “Música Ecuatoriana” Ecuadorian music, is available to the public at Calle Larga y Av. Huayna Cápac for $5.00.chl jeanne logo

Fotografía – “Cuenca, otra mirada,” Cuenca, another look, photographs by Ángel Valverde is at the Museo Pumapungo. The fotos are of houses, church interiors, plazas and other places in Cuenca taken from untraditional viewpoints.

Musica electrónica – the opening program for “Rotofest 2016. Música, arte, diseño y tecnología,” Rotofest 2016.  Music, art, design and technology, will be by 4 DJs on 21/4 at 21:00 in the Sonora Club, av. Doce de Abril y calle San Roque. Cost: $5.00

Articles about –

280 years of French/Ecuadorian relations – The Alianza Francesa will have various events including an exhibit about the Geodesic Missions in the Paul Cezanne gallery until 20/5, a musical program “Concerto” of French music of the last century, and on 13/4, a theater work about the geodesic missions as well as launching the “ruta francesa” in Cuenca.

Myths and legends – was staged yesterday at San Roque. Students acted out “El cura sin cabeza,” The headless priest; “La viuda del farol,” The widow of the lantern; and others.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Catastrófico terremoto, Catastrophic earthquake.  The 7.8 scale quake was followed by 239 “replicas,” aftershocks, your word for the day, with $300 million from the government for earthquake relief.  A state of emergency has been declared in Esmeraldas, Manabí, Guayas, Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas, Los Ríos y Santa Elena Provinces and a state of exception for the whole country.  About 30 prisoners who escaped from the CRS El Rodeo were recaptured and others returned on their own.  The national network of roads is being evaluated and permanently staffed to facilitate transit into the affected zones. The refinery in Esmeraldas has restarted dispatch and supply operations through their pipelines to the shipping terminals. Schools have been closed in the 6 provinces under the state of emergency.

Azuay Province – was not much affected by the quake and damage included a cracked wall in Challuabamba and a collapsed wall at a building under construction on Ordóñez Lasso with no structural damage.

Azuay – is sending aid and supplies including a mobile operating room from the “Vicente Corral Moscoso” Hospital along with a team of 50 medical professionals.  2,000 soldiers from the División de Ejército Tarqui were deployed along with 70 firefighters, 83 police for security, and 39 Red Cross rescue workers.

Relief supplies are being collected and sent.  Authorized collection points include MIKUNA in Turi; 2 offices of MIES at Remigio Crespo y Guayas and Borrero y Calle Larga; parque De La Madre; the municipal mercados; “José Carrasco Arteaga” Hospital, Cruz Roja Ecuatoriana; and supermarkets.  What is needed are non-perishable foods – canned goods, dry grains, rice, oil, beans, pasta, sugar, crackers and energy bars; bottled water and hydrating drinks, tents, clothing in good condition suitable for tropical climates, blankets, tarps, mosquito nets and repellants, diapers, powdered milk, pablum, towels, toilet paper, and wet wipes.

Road closures – vía Alóag-Santo Domingo; Flavio-Alfaro-El Carmen; Jama-Pedernales; Suma-Pedernales; Jipijapa-Puerto Cayo; San Plácido-Pichincha; Portoviejo-Crucita-Puente Mejía; Portoviejo-Puente Papagaya; Chillanes-Bucay.

Unemployment – rose 1.9% over March, 2015 from 3.8% last year to 4.8% in 2016 – a 166,000 person increase.  Of these, 141,000 were previous layoffs and 25,000 were newly unemployed, defined as people were were not working before but who are now seeking work.  Most of the unemployed were in urban areas where unemployment grew by 152,000.

Bicimotos – are an alternate form of transportation using either 2 or 4 stroke engines or electrical engines.  These can reach 35 kph on flat ground.  2 stroke engines cost $250 and up to $650 to install on the bike.  4 stroke engines cost $325 plus $450 and electric motors cost $650 plus over $1000 to install.  Cat Industries on De Las Américas y Daniel Alvarado sells them.

Cooperative Copromiol – is taking a census of foreigners living in Ecuador who have been here more than 2 years.  They have a table at Sucre y Benigno Malo in Cuenca and are conducting this census in other major cities. The hope is to improve legislation that applies to immigrants and to address issues such as employment and civic participation.  The data will be shared with public entities related to the control and management of foreigners.

New paving – Roads in central Jima received asphalt.

The prosecutor – is analyzing whether the last few violent crimes in Cuenca were related. The shooting of a man in the Le Merced sector, the killing of two men on 27/3 at Vargas Machuca y Muóz Vernaza, and the bombing in the zona de tolerancia were attributed to fighting over territory by drug gangs.

Internacional – 

Brazil – Rousseff is one step away from impeachment.  The lower house, by a 367 to 137 vote, decided to send the impeachment proceedings to the Senate.
Deportes – 

Dog show – There was an Exposición Nacional de Ovejeros Alemanes, National German Shepherd Exhibit, at the Hostería Caballo Campana with 90 entrants.

Discuentos y compras –
Grupo Lartizco
– Mother’s Day Sale – 18-24/4, 9-20.00 – showroom at Frank Tosi Íñiguez y Cornelio Vintimilla in the sector Parque Industrial next to SEÑAL X.

Fybeca – an Italian cookware set for only $99.99 with $180.00 in purchases of sponsoring brands.

Globo excursions – guided tour of Russia, imperial capitols and Amsterdam – $5,580 – 098 775 6191 or 282 7108 or – Padre Aguirre 9-73.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –




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