Lunes, 19/12/2016: Christmas lights, 8,000 liters of hooch, Clothes for the kid, Salvador Dali in Lima, News for landlords

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Today’s (Mon.) agenda event –

Novena – La Tradicional Novena Cuencana for today will be at the house of Marco Pesántez at 19:00 (Tarqui 7-25 y Pres. Córdova).  Among the organizers are the Fundación Municipal Turismo para Cuenca (Municipal Tourism Foundation for Cuenca – you mean you couldn’t have translated that for yourself?) and the Museo de las Conceptas.  (I wonder if Sr. Pesántez is ready for a horde of gringos, many of whom are not Catholic so they wouldn’t know what to do, and couldn’t understand instructions given in Spanish either?)

Articles about –

Salvador Dalí – There are two collections, “Las cenas de Gala” and “Los extravagantes sueños de Pantagruel” (Gala dinners and The extravagant dreams of Pantagruel) being exhibited in Lima. The works are lithographs and photomontages with the theme of food.  (A good match – Lima and a food theme.  Those of you who have not been to Perú will be very pleasantly surprised by the food – even immediately after crossing the border.)

Trajes para el Niño (Costumes for el Niño) – Blanca Hurtado makes and embroiders clothing for the icons of the Niño Jesús as well as for the little ones and bigger ones who participate in the parades.  A costume of about 30 cm. with embroidery and trimming takes about 1-1/2 weeks to make with an average cost of $80.  An Angel costume for a 12-14 year old child costs $18, and for an adult, $25.  Shepherd costumes cost the most with an average of $150.  (And that’s because the sheep or lamb that comes with it costs from $80 to $120 just by itself.)  Her business is called “Bazar Virgen del Cisne.”

Nueva ley de migraciones (New migration law) – The Chilean government will send a new migration law to the Congress as part of the celebration of the Día Internacional de Migrante which also includes a  Festival de Música.  900,000 Chileans live outside the country and there are more than 400,000 foreigners in Chile.

Tattoo – The “1st Tattoo Convention Xilotepelt Ink” was held in Jinotepe, Nicaragua. (Is it really that slow a cultural season in Cuenca?)

Otras cosas – 

Titular – Luces de la Navidad iluminan los hogares (Christmas lights illuminate homes) – Public spaces as well as homes and yards have lighted exhibits.  (So far, no news of whole neighborhoods that decorate at Christmas.  I think that should be a real estate disclosure – if you buy this house you’re expected to go overboard with lights, Santas, and snowmen, etc. at Christmas.)

8,000 litros de chicha – The archbishop of Cuenca blessed 8,000 liters of chicha which will be served to about 30,000 people who pass the corner of the iglesia El Cenàculo (Bolívar y Tarqui).  The chicha is prepared by the family of Pulla Alvarez. She and her siblings are the 3d generation to engage in this activity which started 50 years ago.

Business page – The main article is about renting property.  So if you’re a landlord you might want to go to and read it.

Internacional –

Venezuela – Maduro reversed his decision to take the $100 bolívar note out of circulation as a necessary tactic to strike a blow against the mafias.  4,944 millions 100 bolívar bills (?) were collected when Venezuelans deposited the bills so they wouldn’t lose value.  The 100 bol. note represents 80% of all the bils in circulation. Most of the country has now returned to a calmer state.  The note was supposed to have been taken out of circulation “el pasado jueves” (the past Thursday – your words for the day.  Remember pasado – past, and próxima – next because I’m going to stop translating these.).  At the same time a new set of currency with a new 500 bolívar (worth $.75) bill as the smallest denomination was supposed to be introduced.

US – The South Philly Barbacoa was named by Bon Appétit as the 6th best new restaurant in 2016 in the US.  It is owned by an undocumented Mexican immigrant.

Discuentos y compras –

Juan Eljuri Outlet – Ordóñez Lasso 13-226 (Balzay) – extended hours until 20:00. (Never knew there was an outlet store in Cuenca.)

CS Comercial Solis – Christmas promotions – from a 32″ Global TV for $299 to a TCL 65″ curved screen for $1890 – La Mar 3-41 y Tomás Ordóñez (07 411 5102), Paseo de los Cañaris (Edif. IESS), Bolívar 6.60 y Borrero (07 411 4427).

Almacenes España – a new line of furniture – discounts from 30-60% – from 15-31/12 – restrictions apply.,

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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