Lunes, 19/6/2017: Mining concessions, Film festival, New car prices drop, Art exhibit

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Upcoming agenda event –

Conversatorio – There will be a discussion on “Simbología de la Cultura Cañari” (Symbology of the Cañari Culture) on miércoles, 21/6 in the multiple use Sala at the U. of Azuay. It is organized by CIDAP and the School of Design.

Articles about –

An intercolegiate art contest – It was held on the Escalinatas from 14-16/6. <Does that explain those tables full of kids and art supplies that you saw?>

Course – The School of Philosophy of the U. of Cuenca will give a Curso Abierto de Ética y Filosofía Política in julio (Open Course in Political Ethics and Philosophy). <Would political ethics be an example of an oxymoron?> Register from 19-30/6 in the Departamento de Educación Continua, Oficina 1, 3d Piso alto, Facultad de Psicología.

Short film – “Summer Beats,” by the Colectiva Red Audiovisual and Sobrevuelo Films, was presented in the 3d Ecuadorian Film Festival in NY. The producers are U. of Cuenca grads.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Lucha por ganar la primera etapa (Fight to win the first round) <It’s fútbol – you’re on your own.>

El Tahual – MTOP is considering installing a high density net to prevent rocks from falling on the vía El Descanso-Gualaceo. The final design will be ready this week and work will start immediately. The contractor will be Swiss firm Geobrugg AG, slope protection and stabilization specialists. <I wonder what the Alpine problems looks like? Our problem is a vertical cut into a mountain that’s itself almost vertical. <The aerial view is frightening.>

Child and teen pregnancy increases – From 2000 to 2014, child and teen pregnancies increased 78% largely due to rape. In 2014, there were 2500 pregnant children (10-14 years old) and a pregnancy rate of 107.2 out of every 1000 teens (12-19 yrs.). Ecuador has the 2nd highest level of pregnancies in adolescents. The rate only went down from 2010-2013 when the Enipla program was in effect.

New cars – Dealers are optimistic about sales since buyers are out shopping now that duties and IVA have been reduced. At the KIA dealership, prices have dropped: Sportage R, $35,990 to 30,990; 2018 Picano from $16,990 to 14,990. At the VW store, a Jeta went from $32,990 to $27,990. <And now for you statistics junkies.> Vehicle imports into Ecuador: 2011-140k, 2012 & 2013-100k, 2016-63,500. The 3 top selling makes – Chevy with 42%, Kia w/20% and Hyundai w/8%. <So as far as cars go, Ecuadorians buy Ecuadorian – or as close as they can get.> Nationwide, there are 1,271 new and used car dealerships and the automotive sector generates 56,000 direct jobs. <Happy now that you got some numbers to chew on?>

Mining – 14 concessions have been granted in Azuay and are for exploration studies, principally for silver and gold. Ecuarunari (Confederation Kichwa del Ecuador) has filed a complaint that the proposal invades communal lands in the cantons of Cuenca and Girón which are adjacent to the Loma Larga mine.

Cameras – ETAPA has 40 trap cameras installed in the forests around the Cajas. They are starting to think that the spectacled bear population has disappeared, and the deer and mountain tapir are practically extinct.

Azuay – The Province is 193 years old and celebrating with a series of events:

Martes, 20/6: 10:00 – La Orquídea film festival opens; 19:30 -presentation of the work, Leyendas Urbanas.

Miércoles, 21: 8:30 – U. of Cuenca and Central Corporation of Construction Technology partnership; 10:00 – road opening the vía Fel Valle-Dizha-La Unión; 19:00 – solemn session with the Hotel Association.

Jueves, 22/6: 10:00 – opening of the Construction Technology Center (Carlos Arízaga y vía a San Joaquín); 19:00 – art exhibit opening of work by Hernán Illescas at the Casa de la Provincia.

Viernes, 23/6: 9:30 – road opening of vía Tarqui-Turi; 11:00 – session of the Provincial Governors in the Casa de la Provincia; 17:00 – solemn session in the Casa de la Provincia.

Sábado, 24/6: Día del Agricultor (Farmers’ Day) at the U. Católica in the Machángara sector.

Domingo, 25/6: 9:00 – floral offerings; 11:00 – concert by the OSC in the teatro Pumapungo. <And I bet this is and the art opening will be the only events you’ll see any gringos at.>

Deportes –

El Vergel 8K – The 4th Circuito Pedestre 8K will be el próximo domingo, 25/6 at 10:00. Register in the Salón Parroquial, Sede Barrial or in Internet Decad. Cost: adults, $3 and children $2. Numbers will be issued on sábado between 8-17:00.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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