Lunes, 21/11/2016: Black Friday’s coming, Year of Mercy ending, Free trade talk at Asia Pacific Summit, Museum history

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Hola, Todos –

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Pagina cultural – chl jeanne logo

Ongoing agenda event –

“Lirón, Líron” – The Festival de Artes for children will continue until 27/11.  On viernes, 26/11, there will be a Fathers and children (or sons) workshop in the Casa Cuántica.

Articles about –

“Guapondelig, Tomebamba, Cuenca” – The book by Doctor of Architecture Alfredo Lozano, is about Cuenca as a Cañari, Incan and Colonial city.  The author’s research showed that pre-Conquest cities were organized with an established order.

Art students – Art students at the U. of Cuenca are meeting with their counterparts from Quito and Guayaquil from 17/11 to 23/11 to talk about creating ties and networks.  They are discussing various topics including Education in Art, Cultural Management, the Ley de Cultura and Forms of organization.

Los primeros Museos de Cuenca (the first Museums of Cuenca) – The Museo Remigio Crespo Toral was the first, and for a long time, the only museum in Cuenca. It was located in various rented houses until it got its present location.  The U. of Cuenca Archaeological Museum was also mentioned.   (I’m guessing the writer went poking around in the library and found a compilation of magazines and an article about the most important museums of the city.)  The rest of the article lists other museums.

Otras cosas – 

Titular – Cinco puntos separan a Barcelona del Emelec (5 points separate Barcelona from Emelec)  (Fútbol, so the headline is all you’re going to get.)

Free Trade – At the Summit of the Leaders of  APEC (Foro de Cooperación Económica Asia Pacifico – Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum), the leaders of 21 economies decided to work towards an “Área de Libre Comercio de Asia Pacifico” (Asia Pacific Free Trade Area).  They reaffirmed their promise to maintain open markets and fight against the forms of protectionism.  (A shot at the US Pres. elect?  Maybe that also explains why Correa was not there.)  This bloc of countries represents 54% of the world’s Gross Domestic Product and 50.3% of world exports. They also promised to abide by the UN Agenda 2030 para el Desarrollo Sostenible (UN Sustainable Development Agenda) and the Acuerdo de París (Paris Agreement).

Candidatos “talentos” (Talented/celebrity candidates) – People are questioning the use of “talent” to attract voters to different parties and movements.  The Assembly has members who were broadcasters, athletes, and entertainers.  (And then there’s Don Burro who would add a 4-legged element.)  This election will be no different with slates that include TV personalities and actors, sports figures and Tiko Tiko the clown.

Today´s political cartoon – The cartoon shows Tiko Tiko with a mike and an off stage question, “Are you going to go the Assembly dressed as a clown?)  His answer, “No, that won’t be necessary.

“Sembrando una Ciudad” (Planting a City) – This campaign by the Fundación La Iguana and EMAC EP, will plant native trees in the linear park Roma next to the old Cuenca-Azogues autopista. The activity is planned for this weekend.  Be a #Greenvolunteer.  (I don’t know if that #business can get you more info or not.)

Año de Misericordia – The Catholic Church is ending the Año Santo de la Misericorida (Holy Year of Mercy) declared by Pope Francis in diciembre, 2015. (Well, the US Pres elect (He Who Shall Not Be Named) will take that as a green light for continued deplorable behavior.)

Amenidades –

Leonardo Pastore – The tango singer from Buenos Aires will honor the “máximo exponente” (maximum exponent – biggest name) in Argentine tango, Carlos Gardel. The show in Cuenca will be on miércoles, 23/11 in the Teatro Pumapungo.  Get tickets on line at  Cost: $25 & $35.

Discuentos y compras –

Fybeca – Sale de Navidad (biligualism in action – I guess I just assumed you’d all know Navidad is Christmas.) – 25-70% off on decoration, toys, gifts, bags and more. (The small print is too small to read and you also have to turn the paper and read it sideways.  Buyer beware.)

Yellow Pages – Edina is closing next year’s edition of the yellow pages.  Call 282-2344 and get a 3×1 listing in the phone book, a mobile app and at (There are still some of us Luddites out here who look at the phone book first and let our fingers do the walking.  Beats walking around in El Centro for 4 hours to find a printer cartridge, or garage door controller or cake rack.)

Aldanny Boutique – Black Friday Sale – 21-30/11 – 50% off everything – Bolívar 11-63 y Tarqui – 283 8958.

Juan Eljuri – Black Friday, 25-27/11 – Crazy prices on everything – restrictions apply.

Car ads – (Sounds like Cuencanans like to get cars for Christmas.)
Chery Q – $11,833 – Cuencauto – Av. España 8-31 y Barcelona
Chevy Grand Vitara SZ – from $29,990 with 2.4L motor, automatic.
Honda – CR-V – from $49,990 and HR-V from 39,990 – Recordmotor – av. España 1248 y Elia Liut.
Kia – Sportage – from $29.990 including IVA y ICE.
Toyota – Foretuner from $58,990, Innova8 from $39,990, Hillux from $49,990 and $34,990, PruisCSport from $25,990, Innova8 from $23,490 and Yaris sedan from $16,990.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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