Lunes, 23/11/2015: Spinning top festival, Turi food bank, dog memorial

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The page (in El Mercurio) has turned into something called Intercultural and doesn’t have the Agenda items for upcoming events.

Articles about –

Trompo: el juego que une generaciones (Spinning top: the game that unites generations) – hundreds of Cuencanos from children to seniors enjoyed the Festival del Trompo II in Miraflores.  (There’s evidently more to this than yanking the string and waiting for the top to wobble and fall over or with my skills, skip the wobbling phase and go straight to fall over.)

Meeting about interculturality in the media tomorrow from 8-11:00 in the Mall del Rio Convention Center, salón Yanuncay 1.

Ad for the Festival de la Lira, a Latin American poetry contest which will run from 24-27/11 with readings, meetings and talks at different venues.  Go to for the schedule.

Otras cosas – 

Titular – Mauricio Macri termina con el “Kirchnerismo” (Maricio Macri ends Kirchnerism) – Argentina’s new president won with 51.45% over 48.55% for Scioli.

EMAC – is rebuilding 6 parks including El Vergel, San Marcos (Luis Jaramillo y Francisca Dávila), Virgen del Milagro (av. Ordóñez Lasso y De Las Higuerillas), La Victoría (De Las Americas y Mariano Cueva) at a cost of $625,000.

Bailoterapia  – the I Gran Maratón de Bailoterapia de la Provincia (The 1st Provincial Grand Marathon of Dancercise) was yesterday at the stadium and attended by about 7,500 people, 80% of whom were women with the rest men and children.  (So how do you guys stay in shape? – if you do.  In Spanish, could i have used the subjunctive conjugation of “stay” and then not needed to say “if you do?”)

International tourism seminar – on 24/11 at 9:00 in the Salón Pasaje León (on calle Pres. Córdova entre Padre Aguirre y General Torres.  “Entre” means “between” and I’m sure you know that “y” means “and” so don’t tell me I never gave you useful words for the day.)  The seminar’s theme is tourism between Mexico and Ecuador. (So there’ll be another batch of Northamericans that can’t speak the local language in an intelligible way.)

Mikhuna (comida (food)) – is the first banco de alimentos (foodbank) in Azuay and is collecting for this coming December. The bank will be located in the parish center of Turi.  The project is a joint effort with the Azuay Prefecture, Hearts of Gold and the Pastoral Social of Turi.

Ceremonies – were held for Army, a police dog who died on Wed.  He was a Flanders Bouvier and trained to demonstrate basic exercises at schools, for crowd control and for patrol.  (The photos show a formal arrangement of a flag draped casket on a carved stand, a human and dog honor guard, and flowers.  Photo 2 is of Army’s handler receiving his leash and collar on a pillow.  His handler looks at the point of breaking down.)  (Now that’s the kind of cop stories the US needs more of.)

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