Lunes, 23/1/2017: Cuenca opposes mining, Piano comedy, New tourist route, Election test is a success, Bridge needs repaving

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Today’s agenda events –

Proyecto ayaso (Clown Project) – The workshop of clown techniques started Mon. in the basement No. 1 of the CCE.  The participants made paper marionettes and learned how to manipulate them.  Cost: $35.00.

Articles about –

Ley de Cultura – The new law is being applied and the administration will be reorganized in el Austro (south).

Piano comedy – German pianists Marcel Dorn and Stephan Weh will bring their show for piano and 4 hands to the Teatro Carlos Cueva Tamariz at the U. of Cuenca este jueves, 26 de enero a las 20:00.  The classically trained pianists add comedy to their show.  (I’m imagining Victor Borges in double vision.)  Free.

Mariano Aguilera Prize – This platform for promoting contemporary arts is directed at researchers, cultural managers and artists.  The award is a scholarship of $10,000 to 10 artists to create their work and a $20,000 prize that recognizes a body of work. Candidates have until 5/3 to be nominated by private and public institutions, institutions of higher education, collectives, art galleries at least 2 years old, non-profits, etc.  For more info, go to  (Now that there’s a significant sized prize, are any of you interested in applying?)

María Verónica León – This Ecuadorian painter is showing 35 pieces of her work in Qatar until 30/1.

Otras cosas – 

Titular – Blindan a Cuenca contra la minería (Armoring Cuenca against mining) – The Cuenca Cantonal Council approved a resolution 12 to 4, to declare the cantón of Cuenca and the Cajas an area free of mining for metals.  In 30 days it will present a project for Conservación de Fuentes Hídricas  y una Agenda de Agua y Suelo (Conservation of Water Resources and a Water and Soil Agenda)  (I like the idea that we can continue to drink water straight out of the tap without poisoning ourselves. And it tastes good, too.  How many of you had good water on your requirement list?)  The resolution also asked the Ministry of Mines to suspend exploration and exploitation of metal mining at the Río Blanco and Loma Larga (Quimsacocha) Projects.

New tourist route – The Fundación Municipal Turismo Para Cuenca along with the GAD (Gobierno Autónomo Descentralizado) of Gualaceo, has a new route called “La Ruta de las Macanas y Orquídeas” (The Route of the Macanas and Orchids) which will be rolled out in marzo.  Tourism suffered in 2016 due to the earthquake, and in Cuenca due to the airport restrictions.  The hotel occupancy rate in 2015 was 42% and in 2016, 34%.

Road condition – The paving on the bridge over the río León in the canton of Oña, on the vía Cuenca-Loja, is in bad shape. (Drive with caution – there will be cars dodging potholes and coming at you in your lane.)

Election test – The second election simulation was “positivo” (positive) and “exitoso” (successful – exito (a success) – your word for the day, and may you find many occasions to use it.) 1,500 out of 1,800 precincts were activated for transmission and processing results.  8,424 poll workers counted “votes” along with 1,352 National Police, 964 soldiers, and 261 election observers.  The next and last test will be on 5/2.

Presidential Debate – The Guayaquil Chamber of Commerce is finalizing a debate with the Presidential candidates el miércoles in the Guayaquil Convention Center.

Voto 2017 – 7 third candidates on the list were interviewed.  (If you’re interested in what they’re saying you’ll have to read it for yourself at

Terminal Terrestre – Cracks and potholes in the bus parking areas has bus drivers complaining.  The terminal says they can’t do overall maintenance since 720 buses depart daily, carrying about 30,000 passengers.  Striping the lot is done 3 times a year with the next time in early febrero.

Internacional –

US – The Spanish version of the White House web site disappeared from the internet shortly after El Sapo took office.  (I wonder if a whole continent is going to take that as an insult?)

Bolivia – Pres. Morales has served 11 years and will end his 3d term in 2020.  He would like to run a 4th time and serve until 2025 which will be the 200th anniversary of the founding of Bolivia.  Since 1825, the country has had 83 presidents, 37 of whom came into office through a coup d’etat.  The average length of service  was 2 years including several military governments that only lasted a few days and one triumvirate that lasted hardly 6 hours.

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