Lunes, 23/5/2016: Earthquake-damaged schools are uninsured, Quake donations, Sewage plant nears capacity, LSD dance

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –
Upcoming event –

Tarde de Clamor y Milagros (Afternoon of Clamor and Miracles) – This event on Sat. 28/5 at 16:00, organized by the Confraternidad de Iglesiaschl jeanne logo Evangélicas del Austro (Confraternity of Evangelical Churches of the South) and featuring Pastor Patricio Robelly will be at the Coliseo Jefferson Pérez.  (More than just Catholics in Cuenca.)

Articles about –

Renovations at the Museo Pumapungo – The Museum and the U. of Azuay have signed an agreement for work at the museum to address deterioration, structural problems and adding on for a cafeteria and souvenir shop.  (The museum is missing a gift shop, isn’t it.  Nothing like a little shopping after a cultural experience.)

Economuseo del Sombrero – This living museum is creating a Sala Real (Real, actual or royal hall) to show the most important pieces of history that occured on the calle Rafael María Arízaga. It was along this street that the cura (priest) Loyola entered with forces to liberate Cuenca from the Spanish.  (Sounds like a trivia question to me.)  The opening of the Sala is scheduled for the 4th week of June.

Compañía de Danza Contemporánea – The Contemporary Dance Company of the U of Cuenca is preparing a work called “LSD” which will premier on 1/6 at 20:00 at the Teatro Carlos Cueva Tamariz.  (Yes, the same LSD of Timothy Leary, Owsley, and hippies.)

Otras cosas –  

Titular – Estado debe pagar $150 millones (State should pay $150 million).  3446 ex-workers of the Aztra sugar mill were awarded the money as compensation for lack of protection for their legal rights.  They were dismissed when the Isaías Group bought the mill, but not paid what they were owed.  (I think the Isaías Group bought the mill or maybe they sold the mill. Anyway, the Isaías are living large in Miami and Ecuador has been trying to extradite them.)

Sewage treatment plant – The plant in Ucubamba has two more years of useful life before it reaches maximum capacity.  (Maybe in addition to not flushing toilet paper, the Marin County rule for flushing during one of Calif’s droughts – Pinot Poodeux – will be applied.)  A new plant which will cost $30 million is being planned in Guangarcucho.  (Lets hope that the construction is more timely than the tram.  It’s easier to live with backed up traffic than with backed up sewage.)

Sabatinas – Correa´s weekly Saturday speeches are being audited by the comptroller including seeing if public institutions contributed resources and services.  (Did you even know that the Pres. gives a weekly speech every Sat?  Kind of like Roosevelt’s fireside talks?)

Public announcement – Water service will be interrupted on Wed, 25/5 between 8:00 and 18:00 in the following areas – Ciudadela Colinas del Paraíso, Colegio Daniel Córdova, Colegio Manuel Garaicoa, Ciudadela Tomebamba, Centro Comercial Monay Shopping, Ciudadela Castellana, Plaza Bocati, Edificio de la Empresa Eléctrica, Hospital Vicente Corral Moscoso, SOLCA, Parque El Paraíso, Colegio César Dávila, Ciudadela El Paraíso, Facultad de Medicina de la U. de Cuenca, Comisariato Gran Aki, Ciudadela Álvarez.  (I hope you know if you live in any of these neighborhoods.  If you don’t, I guess you’ll find out when there’s no water.)  If needed, there might be intermittent service from 18:00 to 24:00.

Property insurance – None of the 1,947 schools in Zone 6 ( Azuay, Cañar & Morona Santiago) are covered by insurance although they are supposed to carry it.  City and provincial government buildings are insured.

Earthquake donations – The community of Río Chico in Manabí was badly damaged and 1/3 of the people lost their homes.  The Fuerzas de Resistencia del Ejército (a civilian group of mostly professional aid workers) is asking for help for the 350 families who need dishes (melamine), silverware, and kitchen supplies (cookware). Other areas are contributing different kinds of supplies like stuff for children or bedding.  The collection point is a print shop at Juan Montalvo 11-47 between La Mar y Sangurima. They will leave to deliver the donations on 3/6.  For more info call 099 412 8755.

Discuentos –

LATAM – Round trip flights to Guayaquil or Quito – from $59; Miami from Quito – $349; Lima – $249.  (There´s a lot of small print in faint ink so buyer beware.)

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –




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