Lunes, 24/4/2017: May Day march, Museum Day, Election winners get credentials

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Header event –

Feria CreArt “Para Mama” will be on 12 & 13/5 from 8-20:00 in the Terraza of Todos Santos.  There will be exhibitors showing art, design and gastronomy.

Articles about –

Día de los Museos – The 25 members of the Azuay Network of Museums and Cultural Centers are planning activities for International Museum Day which will be on 18/5.  The Catedral Vieja will start on 5/5: Symphony concert;  8-12/5: showing of the videos “Rostros de Santidad” (Faces of Holiness); 18/5: the “Spaces for the Senses” project opens; 19/5 at 20:00, Symphony concert.  The museo de la Identidad Cañari (Pres. Córdova y Hermano Miguel) will have an exhibit of work by Manuela Rendón Seminario and Enrique Tábara.  CIDAP will continue its show, “The clay sings to life” with hours from 9-17:00.  The artists at the Puente Roto will have a collective show on 18/5 from the morning  <11:59 am?  Sounds like no one wanted to be real specific about what time to open.> to 21:00.

Bibliocletas (library on a bike) – Florencia Cobos from Argentina and Felipe Nelson from Chile visited Cuenca with their Bibliocletas por el mundo project.  They started their project in 2012 and have been through Chile as far as the Straits of Magellan, Argentina, Bolivia and Brazil where they went up the Río Napo to enter Ecuador. They also form a puppet theater and story telling company using the kamishibai technique from Japan.  They performed at several schools, were impressed with how open Cuenca is to art and new teaching methods, and with the rivers.  They plan to be back in Sept.

Book launch – Volume 2 of “Relatos del consultorio” will be launched este jueves a las 19:30 in the Casa de la Provincia. The book is about medicine from the patient’s point of view.  <I wonder if he interviewed IESS patients?>

Exposición – “Variaciones” by Jaime Carrión will open on 26/4 at 19:00 in the Galería del Alcaldía (Bolívar y Borrero).  It will run until 26/5 with hours M-F from 8-13:00 and 15-18:00; Sat, Sun and holidays from 9-13:00.
Otras cosas – 

Titular – Delfín tuvo su premio en minutos adicionales (Delfín won in overtime)

Delivery of credentials – The officials who were recently elected are receiving their credentials from the CNE on a schedule that started the Assembly members from Orellana on 20/4, and continue with the rest of the provinces until 11/5.  The offshore assembly members and Andean Parliament will receive theirs on 12/5 and Pres. Moreno and VP Glass on 16/5.  <I guess they do want their stinkin’ badges.>

March – The United Workers Front (FUT) is organizing a march for 1/5, May Day.  It will be protesting against Correa’s labor policies, and to open a dialogue with Moreno.

PanaNorte – The first large landslide occurred about a month ago and the second on 8/4 killed 2 people.  Since then there have been a series of slides of different sizes which has forced traffic to detour to the vía rápica Cuenca-Azogues.  The road is also seriously potholed.  <A picture of the “stabilized” slope where the 8/4 slide was looks like it’ll stay until the next time it rains.>  A proposal for “permanent” slope stabilization is expected this week.

Deportes –

Circuitos “Richard Boroto” and “Luis Chocho” – There will be a walk for 9-14 year olds in different categories and a speed walking race on 30/4 at the track in Miraflores.  Register until 29/4 at the office of the Círculo Cruz de El Vado or at the Escuela de Marcha Luis Chocho in parque de La Madre.

Presales – Partido de Copa Conmebol Sudamericana, Deportivo Cuenca vs Oriente Petrolero – until 30/4 at the club office in the stadium – Banco del Austro.  Cost: $10, 15, 25, 40.

Discuentos y compras –

Colineal – living, dining and bedroom furniture – savings and gifts – Autopista 200m. from Turi redondel, Hermano Miguel 8-58, Calle Octavio Chacón 2100 (Industrial Park), Mall del Río.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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