Lunes, 26/6/2017: Animal shelter, Sayausí Parish celebration, Turmeric treatment

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Upcoming and ongoing agenda events –

Exposición – “Divergente” will be at the Galería Yuyay (Luis Moscoso y Manuel Egnacio Ochoa) until 15/7. The show is of work by students in the 7th cycle of visual arts.

Book launch – “Situación Actual de la Población Adulta mayor del Ecuador” (Current Situation of the Elderly Adult Population of Ecuador) by Hugo Lucero Luzuriaga will be launched mañana at 18:00 in the Museo de la Ciudad. <Somehow, I don’t think it’ll be talking about elderly gringos.>

“Cantos de lluvia” (Songs of rain) – “Cacho” Bacacela y Melissa Apolo will sing their own songs el viernes at 20:30 in the Sucre Salé Café (Luis Cordero y Mariscal Sucre).

Articles about

Sebastián Endara – The Quiteño author has published “Anarkía: Perspectivas para una sociedad cooperativa.” (Anarchy: Perspectives for a cooperative society). In summary, theoretical politics.

Liz Ordóñez – The Gobierno Provincial del Azuay gave this Cuencana jewelry designer the “José Domingo La Mar” Prize for her contribution in Design and the Arts.

Mauro Ítalo Bravo – This former Supervisor of Education has written a book, “Breve Historia de la Supervisión Educativa de la Provincia del Azuay” (Brief History of Educational Supervision of the Province of Azuay). <Someone else who doesn’t know quite how to completely retire.>

Catalina Carrasco – The Cuencana plastic artist said that an artist’s studio is a scientific laboratory where the artist experiments with materials to learn to shape them.

Otras cosas –

Titular – 260 esperan indulto en el Azuay (260 wait/hope for pardon in Azuay) – See Mon.’s article in CHL for more details.

Cúrcuma (turmeric) – Research professor in Medical Sciences at the U. of Cuenca, Adriana Orellana, has discovered 3 components of turmeric oil that can treat epileptic seizures. She has patented the treatment and it is the first pharmaceutical patent registered to the U. of Cuenca. Further research on the antioxidant properties of the plant is being done to see if it can treat neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimers and Parkinsons. Other uses of the plant are to treat acid stomach, benefit the liver, as a natural antidepressant, and respiratory problems.

WhatsApp – <Be warned that a combination of Spanish and technology may result in inaccuracies in the following translation.> WhatsApp will function on “telefonos obsoletos” until 30/6. After that date, WhatsApp will not longer support phones with the following operating systems – Android 2.2, Android 2.2, Windows Phone 7 and Iphone S1. <I hope those phones are at least 5 years old and not obsolete at 6 months.>

Animal shelter – A group of animal welfare activists proposed a general animal shelter that would serve all the animal rescue foundations. The group met with Mayor Cabrera last Fri. and contacted the Prefectura del Azuay about a site in Tarqui that would be suitable for refuge. Catalina Albán, director of the Environmental Management Commission, said the city has an agreement with the U. of Cuenca for a study on the street animal population. It also expects to sign a contract for a space to house a municipal veterinary and sterilization center to be built in 2018.

Sayausí – The Sayausí Parish is celebrating 139 years with a week long agenda of activities.

Hoy (today), mañana y miércoles – 19:30 – mass in the parish church.
Jueves: 11:00 – a program in honor of the Adulto Mayor; 12:00 – a Pampamesa; 19:30 – a mass; 20:30 – burning St. Peter’s beard <now that sounds like an interesting local tradition>, a music festival, and fireworks.
Viernes: 10:00 – parade of school children; 17:00 – solemn session in the auditorium of the parish council; 20:30 – election of the Cholita.
Sábado: 11:00 – retos, loas y contradanzas in honor of St. Peter; 20:30 – election of the Queen of Sayausí.
Domingo: 10:00 – activities in the central plaza including a trout festival, performances and more. <I wonder if they’ll have a trout eating contest? More challenging than hot dogs because hot dogs don’t have bones.¨¡)

Mining – Codelco, the Chilean copper mining company, and the largest in the world, is seeking to expand internationally. It has partnered with the Ecuadorian public company Enami to develop the Llurimagua deposits in Imbabura Province in northern Ecuador.

Internacional –

Colombia – A tour boat, “El Almirante” sunk in the Guatepé reservoir, 80 km east of Medellín with about 150 people aboard. Authorities do not know how many victims there are, but do know that 3 people lost their lives. These boats, which include restaurants, are a popular way to see the emerald green waters.

Argentina – Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, former president, announced her candidacy for a national senate seat for the Buenos Aires Province. <And if she wins, does that mean that the pink tide is turning back into Latin America?>

Brazil – Pres. Michel Temer is “acorralado” (cornered/hemmed in) <your word for the day – see “corral” in the middle of it?) by accusations of corruption which the Prosecutor’s Office will announce (?) this week. A general strike has also been called for viernes.

Venezuela – <Venezuela’s too hard to translate because I can’t make sense of who’s doing what. It seemed to me that Madura just called for an insurrection. Isn’t that what’s already happening? Or is it an insurrection against the insurrection, and throw a new constitution into the mix somewhere, as well.>

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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