Lunes, 28/12/2015: Casa del Sombrero hat weaving, 7 injured by parade float, DHL starting Express Easy service, Wood sculptures

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Hola, Todos – 

Pagina cultural – 

Teatro – La Alianza Francesa de chl jeanne logoCuenca has a space called Club de Teatro (Theater Club) which is open every Mon. from 20-21:30 in the auditorium.

Tejido (weaving) – El Museo Casa del Sombrero is offering free classes in “Panama” hat weaving from Mon.- Sat with morning and afternoon hours.

Museo – El Museo Pumapungo was closed Mon and will reopen Tues to Thu from 8-17:30.

Articles about –

An interview with Cristian Gallegos, teaching curator with the Bienal de Mercosur, who says, “La relación entre el arte y educación es fundamental” (The relation between art and eucation is fundamental.)

The deadline for applying to enter the 13th Bienal de Cuenca is 15/1/16. You can send a link to your own web page or space that shows samples of your work to comunicació with the subject line “Portafolio XIII Bienal” or submit a DVD or flash drive to their offices. Include a resume up to 1000 words.

The 9th edition of “Casapalabras,” the magazine of the Casa de la Cultura is in circulation with articles about Gabriel García Márquez, Henning Mankell, Frank Sinatra and Saul Bellow.

Chile celebrated and remembered poet Pablo Neruda with parades in Santiago de Chile.  A 20m long by 4m high figure of Neruda was flown at the head of the parade.  (Macy’s Thanksgiving parade meets S. America.  The figure looks less like Sherlock Holmes than the painting on the side of the city building at Benigno Malo and Sucre.)

Support for Iberamerican film and TV through El Programa Ibermedia (And before you write to correct me about using “El” in front of Programa which ends in “a,” let me point out that this is one of those exceptions.  Words ending in “ma” are almost always masculine.) which is made up of 19 countries.  If you have a project that needs support in co-production and development in Spanish or Portuguese, you can apply from Fri, 5/2 to Mon, 25/4/16.  Go to for more info.  (If you need me to point out the “ma” exception, maybe you’re not ready for these grants.)

Otras cosas –

Titular – El año agoniza entre monigotes y caretas (The year dying/agonizing between dummies and masks)  Vendors have set up around Cuenca and say sales are down from previous years.

7 people – were injured, apparently by a carro alegórico (float), in Sayausí. (How often do you see a picture of Santa and Joseph in a mauve robe helping load stretchers into an ambulance?  Only in Cuenca?)

The sculptures – in parque De La Madre are generating polémica (polemics) with citizens worried about the natural heritage.  The artists are using dead trees for the sculptures and had the support and authorization from EMAC, but no one got permission from the appropriate city departments.  EMAC said they didn’t need permission to do this to non-patrimonial trees a punto de colapsar (on the point of collapsing).

Your sliver of life article – is about 1,100 km of roads that were improved with the Tasa Solidaria, a tax collected when you register your car.

DHL – is starting a new Express Easy service in Jan. for international delivery from Ecuador at rates 15-25% cheaper for small and medium sized businesses and natural persons. (It seems large corporations will not be counted as people by DHL, unlike the US Supreme Court.)

Remissions – to Ecuador from citizens living abroad (so are those citizens expats or immigrants?  Guess it depends on your personal mindset.) was $616 million in the third trimester of 2015, down 1% from the same period in 2014.

Rockvolution” is a new on-line radio station playing classic rock and new local and national bands.  They want to go to 24 hours a day. (Don’t ask me how to find it – remember I’m clueless when it comes to technology.)

Deportes –

Bodybuilder Denisse Touriz – won a world subchampionship in bikini in El Salvador. She also participated in the Gorila Classic de Cuenca.  (You’d be as likely to see me in bikini as in a burka. I’ve got the body for a burka, if not the inclination or attitude to wear one.)

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –




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