Lunes, 30/1/2017: New craft center opens, Another month of Pase de Niño parades, New tequila on the market, Campaign work

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Ongoing agenda events –

“El Cosmos” (The Cosmos) – This show and sale of paintings by Duwer Ramírez will be at the Casa de Chaguarchimbana until the end of febrero.  Hours are 8-13:00 and 15-18:00.

Articles about –

Luis Vargas Torres – This young Cuencano who was executed for his liberal political beliefs in the era of Eloy Alfaro, is the “mártir olvidado.” (forgotten martyr).  There is a small monument to him on the corner of Sucre and Benigno Malo where he was killed by a firing squad.

Quiosco Cultural – The CCE inaugurated the first crafts exhibit in a new space called Quiosco Cultural next door to Movistar (Luis Cordero y Pres. Córdova) The exhibit will run until 12/2.

On jueves, 2/2, the Feria Tacalshapa will be in the Museo Manuel Agustín Landívar in the Todos Santos ruins from 10-15:00.  The feria is organized by the Ancestral Knowledge section of the CCE.  On the same day there will be conversation with poet Miguel Hernández in the Biblioteca at CCE at 19:00.

Otras cosas – 

Titular – Campeonato inicia con 5 empates (Championship (football) starts with 5 ties).  (Sports so you only get the headline.  And I was happy to see something on the front page besides El Sapo’s latest “Jerry Springer” moment.) Cuenca tied reigning Ecuador champion Barcelona 1 – 1 on Sunday.

Kidnapped soldiers – Two soldiers who were kidnapped on 21/1 in the Amazon were released in good health.

Campaigns – Campaign work is giving jobs to youth who can earn $20-25/dy. for things like making banners, arranging cars for parades, and handing out flyers.

Parades – The Pase de Niño parades will last another month until Carnaval.

New phone – Virgin Mobile will enter the market in the second half of this year.  Last 9/12, the Telecommunications Regulation and Control Agency approved the company’s entry into Ecuador.

Matriculation – If your license plate ends with a “1,” miércoles will be the first day to register your car.  Get the vehicle inspection done in Capulispamba, Mayancela and parque De La Madre.

Tequila – The maker of Chaguarmishqui Don Capelo has put a new tequila on the market that is aged in a “barril de roble” (oak barrel – your words for the day).  The factory is in Ñamarin in the Cochapata Parish in the Nabón cantón.  The writer says the aging gives the tequila an exquisite flavor of whiskey and the oak imparts a light brown color.  (I’ve got my doubts about getting a tequila to taste like whiskey.) Before, the factory’s output was consumed locally, but now there is a wider demand.

Amenidades –

Alianza Francesa – The Tuesday movie at 19:00 in the Alianza Francesa will be “La fille du patron” (La hija del jefe – The boss’s daughter).

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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