Lunes, 3/10/2016: Ordoñez Lasso work nears completion, Aviation pioneers, Tranvía

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Today’s agenda event – chl jeanne logo

Cine de Europa – The German film, “El Padre” will show today at 19:00 at the Alianza Frances.

Upcoming agenda events –

Calling all illustrators – The CCE is compiling a catalogue of Azuayan illustrators.  If you want to be part of the catalogue, go to  Proposals are due by 20/10.

Life drawing – There will be life drawing classes this Thu. from 17-20:00 at calle Juan Bautista Vásquez y Timoleón Carrera.  Cost: $6.00 per class or $10 for two classes. Register at (dot nothing, but it’s probably a com or an org.)

Articles about –

“El perpetuo exiliado” (The perpetual exile) – The book about ex-pres. José María Velasco Ibarra who was pres. of Ecuador 5 times over 40 years was presented in Cuenca.

National aviation pioneers – The City of Guayaquil and its Airport has a edited a series of booklets or leaflets about the first aviators in the Ecuador.  They include Cosme Renella a Guayaquileño of Italian descent who flew in WWI and brought back the first cargo aircraft; Elia Luit, also a WWI fighter pilot, who made the first flight along the spine of the Andes and made the inaugural flight for air mail service when he brought mail from Guayaquil to Cuenca on 4/11/1920.  (I wonder if they had commemorative stamps made – postmarked with the day.  They’d be a museum grade collectors’ item today.)

Creating mobile applications – El Centro Estudio 14 (Luis Cordero 11-83 y Gaspar Sangurima) is preparing a course on developing mobile applications for IOS and a new programing platform called Swift 3 for mobile apps.

Otras cosas – 

Titular – Acuerdo de paz “no” se aprueba (Peace agreement – “no” was approved) – Pres. Juan Manuel Santos said it opened up a new political reality which is an “oportunidad” (opportunity – your word for the day – it should be easy to remember.) Timoleón Jiménez of FARC said they would keep their committment (which is a stronger word than “voluntad”, which I’m not sure how to translate.) to peace. See today’s (Lunes) article in CHL for more details.
Pope Francis – the Pope confirmed that his expected/hoped for trip to Colombia will happen “cuando el proceso de paz (entre el Gobierno y las Farc) esté blindado.” (when the peace process (between the government and FARC) becomes armor plated.)

Parking – There is a lack of parking for interparochial buses.  The mercado 27 de Febrero is where 4 bus cooperatives to rural parishes to the south park.  (They park all over outside the market.)  Other bus-heavy areas are around Feria Libre and Narancay.

O. Lasso – Work on Ordóñez Lasso should be done by the end of the month.  It is now 65% complete and most of the 6.46 km. is repaved.

Tranvía – Of the 18 intersections along the Tranvía route in El Centro, only six are still completely closed.  Tarqui reopened today which will make 8 streets open between Gran Colombia and La Mar with another 4 streets that have access to Gran Colombia only.  Work today on Sangurima y Vargas Machuca will allow the No. 19 & 24 bus lines to resume their normal routes.

Amenidades –

Photos of an MBA graduation party – Mitri J. is in a photo.

Discuentos y compras –

2GO Travel (Borrero 7-24 y Pres. Córdova (Casa Los Capulies, upper level, off. 02)- Medellín de Luces, 3 Nts from $850, depart. 1-31/12, Cartagena – 4 nts from $995, depart 31/10-4/11, Panamá Black Friday – 3 nts from $679, depart 24-27/11 and a couple more to Cancún at NY or Panama + Curacao.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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