Lunes, 3/4/2017: Colombia avalanche death toll rises to 254, Palm frond campaign, Azuay votes for Moreno, Football

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Header event –

Libro infantil – The children’s book “Las Alas de Tiempo” (The Wings of Time) will be presented tomorrow at 10:00 in the Museo de la Ciudad.

Articles about –

“Vibraciones” – Poet Sarawi Andrango’s first book of poetry was published by the CCE.  It mixes quichua or kichwa with Spanish. <So even if your Spanish is good enough to read poetry, and I envy you if it is;  how’s your kichwa?)

Pintor viajero ( Traveling painter  <recognize viajero from the Christmas parade? – el Pase del Niño Viajero?>) – Alberto Sala Lara is showing his oil paintings in the Planta Baja (ground floor – <that’s why elevators have PB buttons – have you ever pushed 1 and wound up above the floor you intended to go to?>) of the CCE.  His travels have taken him from Patagonia to Cuenca where he has found “un paraíso lleno de cultura” (a paradise full of culture).

Collective show – 11 artists, educators and cultural promoters opened an exhibit and sale called “De nuestras manos y mentes creadoras” (From our creative hands and minds) this morning at 10:00 in the Kiosko Arte (Luis Cordero y Pres. Córdova) with the support of CCE.

Otras cosas – 

Titular – Moreno, virtual Presidente; Lasso impugna resulatados (Moreno, virtual President; Lasso challenges results).  <Why is it always the right wing candidate screaming fraud?  Like his counterpart up north who seems to be in bed with the Russians – in a paid capacity.>

Voto 2017 – El Ecuador queda dividido (Ecuador remains divided) – CNE announced that Moreno received 51.1% (4,864,611 votes) and Lasso 48.89% (4,654,039 votes) as of 23:00 last night with 95.11% of votes counted.  Results from 2 exit pollsters and 2 fast count entities were as follows:
Cedatos Gallup – Lasso, 53.02%;  Moreno, 46.98%
Perfiles de Opinión – Lasso, 47.8%; Moreno 52.3%
Conteo rápido Participación Ciudadana – Empate técnico (technical tie – less than – .7% difference)
Conteo rápido Escuela Politécnica Nacional – Lasso, 48.84%; Moreno, 51.15%.

In Azuay, CNE announced Lasso with 39.2% and Moreno with 60.8%.  Cedatos called it 50.63% for Lasso and 49.37% for Moreno.  Overall, Moreno won in the coastal provinces plus Carchi, Imbabura, & Azuay in the Sierras and Sucumbios in the Oriente.  <There’s a big graphic map on p. 2A if you want to see for yourself how each candidate performed in each province, and to see how far off Cedatos polls were.  <Looks like Moreno lost the anti-mining vote.>

Domingo de Ramos (Palm Sunday) – The environmental commission will once again have a campaign to tell people to avoid the use of wax palm fronds on Palm Sunday. It is a type of palm that takes several years to regenerate.  <What would Jesus do? Celebrate with an endangered species?  Or use a more common plant?>

New cemetery – Studies are being done on land the city bought in Monay, sector Camposanto Santa Ana, to see if it is optimal for the construction of a new cemetery. If you’ve rented a vault for a loved one and the lease has expired, you will be notified to come to EMUCE (La Empresa Municipal de Servicios de Cementerios, Salas de Velaciones y Exequias – The Municipal Company of Cemetery Services, and Rooms for Wakes and Funerals) to make financial arrangements.  <If you don’t, Uncle Whosis will be relocated to an ossuary – but maybe not since the ossuary is full.>

Police page – There have been 11 violent deaths in Cuenca so far this year, 4 of which have been of women.  Two deaths have been tied to territorial disputes in drug trafficking.  Recently, an excompañero confessed to killing a woman and throwing her body in the river.  Police are still searching for her.  El pasado viernes, the body of another woman was found near the Amaru Zoo, with fatal shotgun wounds, and third woman died in the hospital on 20/3 from stab wounds inflicted by her yerno (son in law – your word for the day.) while she was trying to defend her daughter.

Empresarial (Business page) – The article is about about the mandatory profit sharing.  The amount to pay to your employees is 15% of the company profits which is distributed according to formulas.  <If you have a business with employees, go to to read this for yourself or talk to a lawyer.  I hope this is not a surprise to those of you with businesses and employees.>

Fiestas de Azogues – There are 78 events to honor Azogues on its 192 years as a canton.  Some of those include a cultural parade on sábado, 15/4 at 9:00 with marchers from 10 provinces, and dance companies like the “Diablada de Píllaro.” On sábado, 8/4, is the election of the Azogueñita at 14:00 in the municipal theater; a festival of healthy food at 10:00 in the “Bartolemé Serrano shopping center <salchipapas but hold the mayo?>, and a martial arts event in the coliseum in the night. From the 11-16/4, there will be a crafts fair in the plazoleta Gonzalo S. Córdova.  There is also a festival of national songs, a painting workshop, more parades, and a wooden car race.  10,000 agendas have been printed.

Amenidades –

Martes de cine francés – Tomorrow’s “Tuesday French movie” at 19:00 in the Alianza Francesa will be “Le grand homme.”

Internacional –

Colombia – Pres. Santos said the number of deaths from the avalanche in Mocoa, capitol of the departamento de Putumayo, has risen to 254, but these are still preliminary.

Venezuela – The national assembly started the process to impeach the Justices of the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court.

Venezuela – The OAS will decide whether to initiate the Carta Interamericana Democrática in Venezuela which would result in Venezuela’s suspension from the OAS after a process of 20 diplomatic steps.  The Carta was created in 2001 to guarantee democracy in the region.

Paraguay – 7 protesters were charged with aggravated larceny, property damage and disturbing the peace after a protest over the weekend.  A young protester was killed by the police, several dozen were injured and 211 arrested.  90 were released on Sat. The demonstrations started Fri. after 25 senators voted in favor of a constitutional amendment that would allow re-election.  The vote was taken in the offices of the Frente Guasú party of ex-president Fernando Lugo without the rest of the legislators or the president of the Senate.  <I’d be pissed, too – on general principal at least.  How is a secret vote constitutional even it is a majority of a 45 member Senate?>

Deportes –

Football – <No, I’m still not translating soccer>  The Troyanos (Trojans) and Condores played in the mud on sábado in the first game of the Mitad del Mundo Liga Nacional (Middle of the World National League) of “Football Americano.”  Los Condores, which was formed in 2008 as the first “football” (fútbol) team in Ecuador, won – 14-6.   <The article then did a nice job of explaining the basics of the game. The audience at the game was about 100 and quiet.  Maybe because the game is so new that fans don’t know when to cheer or boo.  Or maybe because they were all relatives of players with friends on both teams.  But you can stand right behind the players on the 50 yard line for free!  And there’s even game food – the Pinguino guy, cotton candy, and the patio de comidos a short walk away.>

Discuentos y compras –

Beriozka – el mejor ballet folclórico del mundo (The best folkloric ballet in the world) – 21/4 – Coliseo Mayor Jefferson Pérez – tickets at ticketshow (, Musiclismo (Mall del Río) – call 099 282 5298.

Aldanny – April midseason – 40% off everything in the store – Bolívar 11-63 y Tarqui – 09 283 8271 or 098 866 3390.

9th FFC 15K (Festival Fundación de Cuenca 15K) – domingo, 16/4 at 9:00 – register until 9/4 at Mi Boletería (Mall del Río, Fybeca on Bolívar, Monay Shopping, – cost: $12.00) – win a Toyota.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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