Lunes, 3/7/2017: Femicide, IESS update, La Traviata performance, Art in the market, Simon Bolivar’s birthday, Discounts

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Upcoming and ongoing agenda events –

Colonia vacacional (summer camp) – The Museo Municipal de Arte Moderno is organizing an arts summer camp for kids from 6-18 from 17/7 to 17/8. Register between 10-13/7.

Articles about –

Exhibit – In honor of Simón Bolívar who was born on 24/7, 234 years ago, there will be an exhibit of 13 paintings by Julio Blanco in the Quinta Bolívar. It will open on 5/7 at 19:00 and run to 14/8 with hours from 8-13:00 and 15-18:00. Free.

Somos Cultura – This group is forming an arts corporation.

CCE – The CCE and the School of Architecture at the U. of Cuenca are getting ready to finish a study to convert the CCE building (Cordero y Córdova) into a Centro Cultural del Azuay.

Opera – La Traviata will be performed on 5, 6, & 7/7 at 20:00 in the teatro Calos Cueva Tamariz. It is being produced by the Fundación Muzart (sic) and the OSC.

Art in markets – “Crónicas Museables: el mercado desplegado” (Museological Chronicles: the market opened up) – As part of the “Ciudades Piloto” and the “Agenda 21 de la Cultura” project for art as a pillar in sustainable development, the Mercado 3 de Noviembre will be converted into a canvas for artist Bruno Hildalgo. The formal launching for the project will be este viernes, 7/7 at 9:30 in the market. <Stop by and get some art in progress along with your mangos, ochotillos (those hairy fruit known as rambutan in the US), kaki (persimmon) and pollo.>

Otras cosas –

Titular – Delfín, campaña perfecta (Dolphin, perfect campaign) – The Manta (not Miami) Dolphin won the first season of the Campeonato Nacional de Fútbol.

Femicide – The Comisión Ecuménica de Derechos Humanos (Cedhu – Ecumenical Commission on Human Rights) reported an increase in feminicide in Ecuador. From 1/1 to 22/6 there were 80 deaths of woman at the hands of their partners. In all of 2016 there were 118. According to a sociologist, the crime has its origin in economic and cultural conditions <like machismo>. The laws recognize feminicide as a crime with severe penalties, and the issue needs to be addressed culturally and educationally.

IESS – Carmen Corral, a social security expert, was interviewed about the state of the IESS and said that the 10 years under Correo has left social security in a crisis and “el fondo de pensiones y de salud que está casi quebrado” (a pension and health fund that almost broken <or broke?>). <If you’re interested in the IESS beyond your own membership, go to to read the article.)

Amenidades –

Martes de cine francés – “L’intrus” will be shown Tues. at 19:00 in the Alianza Francesa. It will be in French with Spanish subtitles.

Discuentos y compras –

Grandes descuentos (big discounts) – Casa de la Mujer and Comercios de la Plaza San Francisco <Might this be a moving out sale?> – Pres. Córdova between General Torres y Padre Aguirre.

Chery – Tiggo 3 – $19,990 w/ 5 yr. or 100,000 km. guarantee – fancy wheels, leather seats, Bluetooth Touch radio – av. España 8-31 y Barcelona – ask for Henry and tell him Jeanne sent you.

IrmasTours – Europe 2017 for seniors – leaving 8/9 to visit 5 countries in 22 days with an option to add 10 days in Turkey or 8 days in Russia – 099 983 2352, Aurelio Aguilar 1-93.

Hyundai – Hybrid batteries w/ 10 yr. guarantee for Ioniq and Sonata Hybrids.

<It must be vacation season and Cuencanans are looking to take to the skies or the seas.>

Vive Ecuador Travel Agency – Buenos Aires y Iguazu, 7 dy-6 nt, from $1194 – Isla Margarita, 3 dy-4 nt, from $559 – Panama City, 4 dy-3 nt, from $555 – Cruise, from $399.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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