Lunes, 5/6/2017: Illegal hotels, Tranvía driver’s ed, World’s most famous clown, El Centro street closure, Photo contest

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“La Inmortal” (The Immortal) – This play will premiere at the Teatro Sucre and run from 7-10/6.

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Los Raymis – The Andean world celebrates 4 large festivals – the Raymis.  The best known is Inti Raymi on the June 21 solstice, where gratitude for the harvest precedes the period of rest. Coya Raymi is celebrated on 21/9 and is dedicated to the moon – the feminine aspect of the Andean cosmovision.  Capac Raymi is on 21/12 and celebrates the Inca and the start of the hot season. Pauckar Raymi is one 21/3 and celebrates the period of flowering.

Comedy – The most famous clown in the world, Italian David Larible, will perform in Cuenca on 17 & 18/6 at 19:30 in the Teatro Pumapungo.  His presentation will include visual “gags” and songs with a mix of 5 musical instruments.  Tickets on sale at the theater box office, ticket show, and Musicalismo at the Mall del Río.  Call 099 735 9340 for domicilios y reservas (seats(?) and reservations).

Workshops – There is a series of workshops for both adults and youth planned for the Centro Culural Municipal El Ángel (calles Herrerías y Los Arupos) during junio. For adults these include Decoration, Arab dance, oral narration, decoupage, and making houses from recycled materials.  For youth there are guitar workshops. More info on Facebook:  Dirección Municipal de Cultura Cuenca and on Twitter: DCulturaCuenca.

Roberto Bravo – This artist paints on animal hides, which he learned in the US from the Cherokee.  He has returned to Ecuador and his studio is on Hermano Miguel and Pres. Córdova in the commercial part of the Convento de las Conceptas.  His work is available by commission and pieces sell from $120-$1500 and take 2 or 3 weeks to make.  Many of his clients commission his work for their country homes.  <I can imagine his work hanging on a wall in a mountain cabin.  In the bedroom next the bed with a pine tree and moose themed bed spread from Eddie Bauer or Land’s End.>

Daily cultural activities – The City Department of Culture is focused on presenting cultural activities throughout the city. There are about 300 workshops for all ages each year at the 9 Municipal Cultural Centers.  There are Domingos Culturales in the ex Escuela Central (Museo de la Ciudad) from 10:00 every Sunday.  <For those of you too new or too obstinate to learn even the days of the week.>

7 Concurso Internacional de Fotografía (7th International Photography Competition) – La Fondation Alliance Francaise de París is organizing this contest which will have “La moda y los códigos de vestimenta” (Fashion and dress codes) as its theme. It’s open to all except professional photographers recognized for their art or who make their livings from photography. Submissions are due on 30/7/2017.  Go to or write to Tanyua Reyes: for more info.  <Here’s the opportunity for all you shutter snappers to pull out the pictures of the ladies in the polleras, the guys in the furry chaps, and cute kids in ponchos.>

Otras Cosas – 

Titular – Reubicación altera tráfico en el centro (Relocation changes traffic in El Cento.)  Merchants at the Plaza San Francisco are starting to move today.  By 12/6, the 132 merchants should all be moved to Padre Aguirre.

The Cámara de Turismo del Azuay is moving to ask the Concejo Cantonal de Cuenca to approve an ordinance to fight informal hotels.  <That’s you with your AirBnB extra bedroom if you don’t have permits and a RUC.>  Hotel occupancy in Cuenca during 2016 dropped an average of 30%.  Some of it is attributed to the road and airport closures, but CTA’s president, Patricio Miller, said there were at least 200 informal hotel spaces in Azuay province which are operating without permits or qualifications.  <That’d be illegally.  If your customers can find you, so can the city and SRI.>  Cuenca has 180 lodging businesses including hotels, hostales, and hosterías.  <Not including motels because that’s a whole different business.>

Frente de Transparencia y Lucha contra la Corrupción (Front of Transparency and Fight against Corruption) – Pres. Moreno <Almost typed Correa since my hands learned that Correa follows Pres.>  participated in the first meeting of this group.  El pasado lunes, Moreno invited 13 people in different fields with “relevant” ethical and moral profiles including the Secy of State, the archbishop of Quito, a slew of lawyers, a journalist and a sculptor to define policies and actions to prevent public and private corruption.  <I could make nasty remarks about lawyers and ethics, but I’ll leave it to you to make your own if you wish.>

School registration – Starting today, parents can register their kids at public schools for the 2017-2018 school year at 20 locations.  On line registration will be extended until 17/7.  Go to the web page juntos.educació

Road work – Paving at the Chola Cuencana redondel was finished el sábado pasado.  Neighbors who were interviewed expressed relief.

Drivers v.s. Tranvía – The city has a publicity campaign to teach drivers not use the Tranvía tracks as a parking lot.  The whole campaign has 2 phases.  The first is to teach drivers not to double park, don’t block bus stops, and don’t park on sidewalks or pedestrian zones.  The second phase will work on not blocking the zebra crossings, no parking where there’s a yellow line, and don’t block handicapped ramps.  <I’d park a few examples around town with those huge tickets glued to the driver’s side window, and the fine written in big numbers.>

Internacional –

Venezuela – Pres. Maduro will submit a referendum to create a National Constituent Assembly of 545 representatives.  <Define constituent – whose consituent?  If you were writing a comic opera and wanted a stereotypical Latin American dictator….>

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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