Lunes, 6/2/2017: Plague of rats, Exhibits donated, Political campaign on social media criticized, Pet fund-raiser

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Today’s agenda events –

Ganadores del Oscar (Oscar winners) – A film series of Oscar winners screened Monday in the centro cultural República Sur (Pres. Córdova 5-55) with “The Deer Hunter” directed by Michael Cimino.

Articles about –

Bienal – 4 works were donated to the city, and announced at the closing ceremony. The works are the water mill in the parque del Paraíso, the “nido humano” (human nest) in the Parque Arqueológico Pumapungo next to the aviary, a film, and a bicycle jumping ramp in the plaza de la Cruz del Vado.

New books – The Municipalidad is getting ready to publish 2 new books.  “Ávida vida” (Hungry life) is a book of 69 poems by Fernando Moreno Ortiz and “Polvo sobre nada” (Dust on nothing – these are not the memoirs of a cleaning lady) which is about the conquest of the Aztec Empire by Cortés.

Composition – A musical composition competition sponsored by the founder of the OSC was won by Carlos Filipe Hernandez with “Caminata de la calavera del Vado por el río Tomebamba” (Walk of the skull of the Vado by the river Tomebamba) which evokes an old Cuenca legend.  (Have any of you seen those wind-up false teeth that jump around?  Well attach the whole skull and that’s what I envision hopping along the river.)

Art book – “Tigua los colores de la memoria” (Tigua the colors of memory) is about the painters from Tigua in Cotopaxi Province. The style is colorful with indigenous themes, real or imaginary.  It started when Julio Toaquiza started putting drawings on festival masks and drums using his chickens’ feathers instead of a brush.  He taught his children and neighbors.  The common denominator is the necessity of expressing through the art, a form of work and subsistence which is the life of the community.

Otras cosas – 

Titular – “Rojos” reconocen que jugaron “mal partido” (“Reds” recognize that they played a “bad match”). Cuenca (Rojos) lost its game Sunday with Independiente 1-0.

Plaga de ratas (Plague of rats) – The Tres de Noviembre school is suffering from an infestation of rats and has everyone worried. Rat poop has been found in different areas of the school. Measures are being taken to avoid health problems with the students.  Crews are coming in early to clean and disinfect common areas, and the school will bring in fumigators next week.

Campaign – According to analysts, the campaign that is going on in social networks is marked for offensiveness, disqualifications, and complaints.  The social networks are clearly the most virulent spaces circulating the least credible information because there are no filters and no professional journalism with objectivity and citable sources of information.  (Seems like it’s not just this country or campaign – there’s a neighbor to the north that is apparently being governed using Twitter.  Are teeny little hands an advantage when typing on a phone?)

Sinincay – The parish celebrated its 164th anniversary with the biggest mote pata in the world.  This is a food typical of Carnaval which is coming up.  (The vat it was cooked in looks to be the size of an endless pool.)

Internacional –

Perú – Ex-ministers and colleagues of ex-Pres. Alejandro Toledo are expressing indignation at accusations that he received $20 million from Odebrecht for the construction of two stretches of the Interoceánica highway.  (Afraid of what else might be revealed if more digging for information occurs?)

US – “Nuevo traspié para Donald Trump” (New stumble for Donald Trump) – The Ninth District Appeals Court in San Francisco refused to restore the decree banning entrance into the US by all refugees and citizens of 7 Muslim countries which was blocked by a federal judge on la noche del viernes.  (I think terrorists are going to lose interest in the US since our own government is dismantling the foundations of our democracy faster and more completely than any terrorist with a bomb could.)

Deportes –

Expo-pet – The first “Expo-pet” fundraiser to benefit the Familia Amor Animal (FAAN) Foundation was held yesterday in the Oro Verde Hotel.  The money raised will help 103 dogs.  The foundation has two shelters – one in Baños and the other in Ricaurte, and is building a third in Tarqui.   It needs construction materials, dog food, and money.  FAAN is planning another expo in noviembre.  If you want to help FAAN, call 099 868 1859.

Club a Correr – The club will launch its 2017 T-shirt el jueves venidero (this coming Thursday – a new word for me and now, for you.) at Referee on Remigio Tamariz y Remigio Romero.  The announcement was made at their regular Sunday meeting in the Ciudadela Kennedy.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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