Lunes, 7/11/2016: Opera, Symphony at the Old Cathedral, Pick up after your dog

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Alfabetización Digital (Digital Literacy) – The City of Cuenca will have workshops for adults and seniors from today to viernes, 18/11.  The free workshops will be in the municipal cultural centers.  Call 282 4462 or 409 6994 for more info.

Articles about –

Opera premiere – “Pasión a Dolores” will premiere on the 8, 9, & 10/11 at 20:00 in the Sala Alfonso Carrasco.  The opera is based on the last days of Dolores Veintimilla de Galindo who was poet from Quito who died in Cuenca from suicide. Tickets are available at Más Musica (Borrero 7-47 yu Sucre) and in the box office of the Teatro de la Sala Alfonso Carrasco on the days of the performance.  Cost: $10.00.

Symphony – The OSC will perform on viernes, 25/11in the Catedral Vieja at 20:00. The program will include two works by Claude Debussy, Siesta del Faun and La Mer. After this month, the OSC will be playing Christmas concerts with the Conservatory Chorus.  It is talking to the administrator of the Teatro Carlos Cueva with new ideas including having the people start giving economic support for the presentations. (Sounds like free concerts may no longer be in our futures.)

History of the Old Cathedral – La Iglesia del Sagrario, more commonly known as the Catedral Vieja de Cuenca, (and more recently, but less commonly known as the Old Cathedral), was started in 1586.  It started out as the Templo Parroquial and was built on stones taken from the the Incan palace and which are still visible below the walls.  In 1787 a bishop was installed in Cuenca and the church was converted into a cathedral.  A new tower built in 1868 has a commemorative plaque saying “Torre Más célebre Que las Parámides de Egipto (Tower more famous than the pyramids in Egypt) because the old tower was used as a key reference point in the French Geodesic Mission in 1736 to establish one degree of arc at the meridian.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Estabilización en Guzho concluye en diciembre (Stabilization in Guzho will end in December).  This is the stretch of the vía rápida (high speed way.  I hesitate to call it a freeway.) Cuenca-Azogues-Biblián where the paving was lifted and deformed by geological faults. Work includes the upper part of the fault (I think it’s actually a big, slow, landslide) in the barrio San Marcos where walls, sidewalks, stairs and drainage channels were built. Work in Guzho is at 90% complete.

Planetario – There will be a display of astronomic instruments from hoy (today – your word for the day and a very basic one) to viernes starting at 8:30 in the Planetarium.

Campaña – EMAC has a campaign, “Recoge el excremento de tu Mascota” (Pick up your pet’s poop) to develop a culture of cleanliness and respect and care for public spaces.  There are sanctions for infractors.  (So those of you who walk your dogs – make sure you have poop bags with you and use them.  Don’t let it be said that gringo dogs are anti-social.)

Discuentos y compras –

Proaudio – free “audiometrías” (hearing tests?  my internet is out so no Google translate), discounts and special prices, financing plans, trade in your old hearing aid – av. Paucarbamba y los Alisos (diagonal from the Clínica Paucarbamba) . 07 245 5916, 099 397 7462 –

Juan Eljuri – Precios de Locura (Crazy prices) – on all merchandize until stock runs out – av. Gil Ramírez Dávalos 5.32 y Armeillas, Plaza de las Americas, Bolívar 8-32 y Cordero, Gran Colombia y Borrero.
And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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