Luxury two-level buses to begin service from Cuenca to cities in northern Peru

Mar 5, 2018 | 9 comments

In a move to increase bus travel between Cuenca and Peru, the Azuay Transport Cooperative is operating two new double-decker buses from Cuenca to three cities in northern Peru. The buses are similar to those that operate on long-distance routes in Argentina and Chile.

A priest blesses one of the new double-decker buses that will travel from Cuenca to Peru. (El Mercurio)

Azuay Transport manager Paulino Ortiz said the new buses, made in Brazil, will carry 60 passengers, 46 on the upper level and 14 on the lower. “The seats will be more comfortable and offer more space than in most buses that operate in Ecuador,” Ortiz said.

The new buses will travel from Cuenca to Máncora, Piura and Chiclayo, Peru.

Ortiz said the Marco Polo brand buses are the most expensive buses purchased by any transport provider in Ecuador, costing $370,000 each. “They offer a level of luxury you don’t find in the northern area of South America,” he said. “They have a European-designed suspension system, air conditioning, high-quality television and wifi capability.

He said the high quality of the buses will attract tourists who don’t generally ride public buses. “In Argentina, many people prefer the buses to airplanes because of the level of comfort.”

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