Man accused of murdering University of Cuenca student is found dead at Turi prison

Nov 19, 2023 | 0 comments

The man accused of killing University of Cuenca student Abigail Supliguicha was found dead Saturday morning at the Turi prison. Officials say that Segundo Carlosama was found “suspended by the neck” in his cell and are calling his death a suicide. They said he was alone in the cell at the time of death.

A police composite photo showing Segundo Carlosama, including an image of him with murdered university student Abigail Supliguicha.

Carlosama was arrested Wednesday and led police to Supliguicha’s body Thursday morning in a wooded area near Azogues.

The identification of Supliguicha’s body Thursday sparked a day of protests Friday, with University of Cuenca officials and students blaming a judge who granted Carlosama’s early release from prison for the murder. They also protested prosecutors’ slow response in investigating Supliguicha’s disappearance after the university provided photographs of her with Carlosama who offered “job finder” services on social media. When she disappeared, friends say Supliguicha believed she was going to a job interview in Azogues.

Carlosama was sentenced to 12 years in prison for the rape of a Quito woman In February, 2014. He was released for “exemplary behavior” from prison on August 10, 2022, after serving 70% of his term. According to release documents, he was considered a “minimum security risk” based on his prison record and for the fact that he expressed “contrition” for his crime.

According to Turi prison officials, a final determination of the cause of Carlosama’s death will be announced following an autopsy.



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