Martes, 1/11/2016: Parades, Rodeo, Circus, Traffic controls, Chola Cuencana election, Soapbox Derby

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Hola, Todos – 

Pagina cultural –

Today’s (Tues.) agenda events – chl jeanne logo

Música – The Centro Santa Cecilia broadcasted a show Tues. on Radio Ciudad 101.7 FM with Fausto Terreros and invited artists in homage to Cuenca.

Exposición – “Tacalshapa” opened Tues. in the Museo Manuel Augustín Landívar (calle Large y de Los Molinos).  The exhibit will present products made using ancestral knowledge such as gastronomy, weavings, crafts, straw and energizing cleanings.

Nueva Orquesta (New Orchestra) – The Orquesta Sinfónica de los Trabajadores “Eloy Alfaro” (The “Eloy Alfaro” Workers Symphony Orchestra) preformed Tues. in the teatro Carlos Cueva Tamariz to create social awareness against child labor.

Agenda (partial) de las Fiestas de Cuenca –

jueves, 3/11 – 

Desfile Civico Militar (Civic Military Parade) – av Huayna Cápac – 10:00
Concierto de artistas – Plazoleta del otorongo – 14:00
Disfile de Cholas Cuencanas Gigantes (Parade of the Giant Cholas Cuencanas) – Parque El Paraiso – 14:00
Competencia de Coches de Madera (Wooden Car Race) – Calle Larga-Huayna Cápac-parque El Paraiso – 15:00 (I wonder how these cars are powered and if they’re basically a fruit crate on a little red wagon chassis? It’s a long way to peddle from calle Larga to El Paraiso.)
Feria Agroecologica – Plaza El Vergel – 9:00
Exposición de Pintura y Escultura (Painting and Sculpture Exhibit) – Puente Roto – 10:00
Huaynacapazo 2016 – av. Huayna Cápac – 20:00
(Actually, if you’d gotten the 26/10 issue of El Mercurio, you could read these listings in English, but they look like they were copied directly from a translation program so the Wooden Car Race was translated as Competition Car Wood Calle Larga.  You new students – is that about how you speak Spanish?)

Articles about –

Photo exhibit – An exhibit by the Cuenca Foto Club will open tonight at 19:00 in the Museo de la Ciudad and run until 13/11. There are a total of 49 photos of Cuenca taken at the same place as old archived photos.

“La Casa Encantada” (The Enchanted House) – The project by the CCE was held in the Pedro Páramo Bookstore yesterday.  Actors from the teatro Barojo told horror stories to children.  (The actors were dressed like Bela Lugosi’s Dracula – and if you remember him, that certainly dates you.)

Puente Roto (Broken Bridge – is there really anyone that I need to translate that for?) – The “El Puente Roto” group of artists has been exhibiting their work for 32 years during abril and noviembre.  From jueves to domingo, 45 artists, both national and foreign will be showing their work.

El Arenal – There will be three days of fiestas on the esplanade at the Feria Libre from jueves to sábado with entertainment and comida típica (typical food).

Ad – Circo de las Vegas (Las Vegas Circus – I doubt this has anything to do with Vegas other than the name) – M-F at 18:30 and at 20:30, sábados, domingos y feriados (remember your word from yesterday?  holiday) at 16:30, 18:30 and 20:30 in the Complejo Deportivo Totoracocha.  With Edwar, the smallest man in the world, the amazing Irish trapeze artist and more.

Ad – Azuay – agenda of jueves, 3/11 events –

9:00 – Fair for Cultural Integration and Productive Enterprises in Cuenca’s Rural Parishes – parque Miraflores
9:00 – Desfile de la Morlaquía (Morlaquía Parade) – from San Blas along calle Bolívar to Parque San Sebastián.
10-22:00 – Feria Pasaje Artesanal Azuayo – prefectura del Azuay (Bolívar 4-30 y Vargas Machuca)
11-21:00 – 2nd Feria Tierra Azuaya – Caballo Campana – Baños
14:00 – Elección de la Chola Cuencana – parque Miraflores

Otras cosas –

Titular – Flamear de banderas y sabor de Guaguas (Waving flags and the flavor of Babies – guaguas de pan – bread babies, not real babies just in case you thought that cannibals lived in the jungles of Ecuador.  Like a someone in the US who asked me if there was electricity in my house.)

Día de los Difuntos (All Souls’ Day/ Day of the Dead) – Traditionally, families will celebrate by visiting graves of loved ones.

Elections –  La Unidad coalition has come undone and Cynthia Viteri will head into the elections in the PSC party alone.  She will announce her “binomio” (binomial, but in this case, I’ll go with “running mate”) this month.  PSC is led by Jaime Nebot, the banana baron.  (The shifting alliances reads like Game of Thrones.  And the US Legislature can’t even govern with only two parties – imagine if they had 5-10 to deal with.)

Oddball news – “Urinario público” (Public Urinal) -the walls of the Hotel Association of Azuay structure on Pres. Córdova y Padre Aguirre, are being used as a public urinal by some “malos ciudadanos” (bad citizens).  (That corner smells like an outhouse – better to avoid it.)

More elections – The CNE said that no parties or movements have registered their slates yet.  The one month time period started 19/10.  (How could they – it seems they’re still figuring out who their candidates will be and with whom to ally.)

Feria artesanal – “Hola Gente, Arte, Artesanía y Gastronomía” (Hello Folks, Art, Crafts and Gastronomy) will have 80 artists and artisans.  The fair will be tomorrow to domingo in the Portal Artesanal de Cuenca.

Niño Viajero – The “Grand Marshall” of the huge parade on 24/12 has started his round of visits in the rural parishes.

U. of Cuenca – The University will celebrate its 150 anniversary and open the season of activities with a concert by the Orquesta Sinfónica de la Universidad del Cuenca on 22/11.

Traffic controls and Fiestas – There will be 400 transit agents controlling fiesta traffic. Control points will be on the Panamericana Norte, av. Ordóñez lasso, Y de Sayausí, vía Turi-Tarqui, on av De Las Américas, and the Control Sur zone.  So make sure you have your documents (and if you’re driving and don’t have them or know what they are, the cops are welcome to you), don’t speed or drive drunk among other things.

Amenidades – 

Fiesta events – today, 1/11
Concierto Internacional Cuenca 2016 – parque De La Madre – 20:00 – with the Argentinian rock band “Vilma Palma e Vampiros”, Rocko y Blasty, Michelle Cordero and Marquéz.  Free.  (There are going to be thousands and thousands of people.)
Fesival de música Latinoamericana – 1, 2, 3 & 4/11 at 15:00 – Plazoleta Santo Domingo.
Halloween al estilo (in the style) I Love i80s / 90s – 21:00 – Estancia El Rosario
Festival de Mariachis y Rodeo Nocturno (Night Rodeo) – 20:00 – coliseo Jefferson Pérez

miércoles, 2/11 – 
Dúos de Antaño – 19:00 – parque Luis Cordero
Homenaje a Cuenca – singers from Cuenca and Quito – 20:00 – parque Calderón

Internacional – 

Venezuela – The first meeting of formal talks between the Venezuelan government and the opposition concluded yesterday with the decision to create 4 areas of work on sovereignty, reparations to victims, the electoral timetable and the economic situation in the country.  At the meeting there were also representatives from the Vatican and mediators from Unasur (Union of South American Nations).  (I wonder how much arm twisting was done by the Church and Unasur just to get the two parties to the table.)

Deportes –

10K in Ricuarte – The race will be on sábaco 12/11 at 14:00 and start from the central plaza in Ricuarte.  The registration fee will go to help poor children.  Register between 7 and 12/11 or on the day of the race in the Parish House in Ricuarte, next to the church from 8-12:00 and 14-18:00.  Cost:  $2.00.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –




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