Martes, 11/7/2016: Landslide, Expat literary collective, ‘Frozen’ performance, Complaint against Glas, Chordeleg

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Upcoming event –

Teatro – “Ciudad Esmog” (Smog City) will be presented el miércoles, 19/7 at 20:30 in the teatro Casa de la Cultura. Cost: $8.00.

Articles about –

Colectivo – “Extranjeros” (foreigners) who write are creating a collective of about 100 members. They meet one jueves each month to read and talk about literature in English since they speak minimal Spanish. The group is mostly North Americans and it hopes to add bilingual Cuencanan writers.

Concierto – The U. of Cuenca Symphony Orchestra performed Tues. in the teatro Sucre with Oriana Kemelmajer, a young Argentinean pianist who won the 2016 “Jovenes Talentos” (Talented Youth) competition.

Exposición – Jaime Lara has a show of ink drawings that will open tomorrow (miércoles) at 19:00 in the Galería “José Domingo La Mar” in the Gobernación del Azuay. The drawings are of iconic patrimonial sites in Cuenca in the last century and in this century. Lara used old photographs for how things looked over 30 years ago. For example, he used a photo from 1962 to draw the María Auxiliadora Church before it burned down, and compares that with the new church that was built at the same site.

Novela – “las Sargentonas” is about a troop of women born on the shores of the Caribbean who united to join Bolívar’s army in 1814. They travelled the spine of the Andes, the route of the cóndor, from north to south. <Think if the US’s war of independence had been fought up and down and over the Rockies. I think it would have been over faster – bad terrain for conventional warfare at the time.>

Otras cosas –

Titular – Correa se va criticando al Presidente Moreno (Correa criticizes President Moreno)

Glas – The Consejo de Administración Legislativa (CAL – Legislative Administration Council) extended the period to complete the complaint against VP Jorge Glas until 14/7.

Pólit – The Attorney General, Carlos Baca Mancheno, said that evidence is almost ready for filing charges against Carlos Pólit, ex-Comptroller General, who has been in the US since last mayo.

Landslide – The slide in the ciudadela Jaime Roldós will be repaired with an earth wall reinforced with security berms. There were soils tests or geological studies done in 2016.

Chordeleg – Chordeleg is pursuing a UNESCO “Ciudad Creativa” (Creative City) designation based on its crafts in pottery, jewelry, straw weaving, and shoes.

Amenidades –

“Frozen” – A show with a cast of 40 singers, actors, dancers and musicians will be this 12 & 13/7 at 19:30 in the Teatro Pumapungo. The show, produced by Creative Music and Clara Donoso Dance Studio, interprets the movie for stage. Tickets available at Almacenes La Victoria (Monday, Estadio y Centro), and at Creative Music and Clara Donoso Estudio de Danza. Cost $10.00.

Trail Running – The run on the Cojitambo Trail on domingo attracted 200 athletes from Azogues, Cuenca, Quito and a good number of “extranjeros.” <Which is the only reason I’m including this article.> There will be a Trail Running Jatumpamba (8 and 18 km) in noviembre during the Independence of Azogues celebrations.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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