Martes, 21/2/2017: Study of new bus fares to be released, Rio Tarqui contamination, Election tension, Artists wanted

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Tuesday’s agenda event –

Martes de cine – The Alianza Francesa’s Tuesday Movie was “Augustine” with Spanish subtitles.

Articles about –

Museo Landívar – The house whose first floor houses a museum is in need of structural repair.  (The photo shows brick columns holding up the back of the house. I bet there’s no meaningful reinforcing, and traffic from the redondel up to Calle Larga is probably shaking the mortar to sand.)  Complicating repair is the current occupancy of the 2nd floor by an heir of the original owners of the house.  The house is adjacent to the ruins of the mill of Rodrigo Núñez de Bonilla which were accidentally discovered in 1972 and put into the care of the CCE.  The mill is an exceptional site in that there is stonework from the Cañaris who flourished from the 6th to 16th Century, the Inca and finally the Spaniards.

Renacho Melgar – The Salvadorian artist is showing medium and large scale paintings in the centro cultural República Sur.

El Portal Artesanal – The Galería del Portal Artesanal de Cuenca is making a regional call for artisans to show and sell their work. You can go to   Sales of work are from rented spaces costing from $50 and staffed by bilingual clerks.  Present your work by 16/3 in the offices of EDEC EP (Bolívar 1-34 y Huayna Cápac.  The gallery has space for 185 permanent and 20 rotating exhibitors.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Ambiente tenso por los resultados (Tense environment for results) – For more details see today’s CHL.

Election results – At a press conference yesterday, CNE president, Juan Pablo Pozo said that the presidential process would close in 3 days with results by Friday.  Election laws allow up to 10 more days.  (We’ll get the results when we get them. What?  You were going to sue the CNE for counting too slowly?) Update: Pozo held another news conference on Tuesday, this time saying that there would be a runoff election between Moreno and Lasso.

Correa – Pres. Correa spoke yesterday saying it is necessary to “contar voto a voto” (count vote by vote).  He also asked “¿Se imaginan un banquero ministro de Mahuad……de presidente?” (Imagine a banker minister of Mahuad… president?) which brought up the specter of the financial crash in 1999 during Jamil Mahuad’s presidency.  He also lit into the right for abandoning Viteri saying the right has no loyalties, only interests.  (Sounds like he’s starting to campaign just in case there’s a second round.)

Water contamination – Neighbors in the 3 Puentes area are asking authorities to install sewers due to the contamination in the Río Tarqui.  The neighborhoood director said there was no sewer service and at least 20 houses discharge waste water directly into the river creating intolerable smells and attracting “roedores” (rodents – your word for the day.  To be more specific, a rat is a rata and a mouse is a ratón.).  (If you’re on the bridge to the U. of Azuay, you can see where the Tarqui and Yanuncay meet.  The Tarqui is the dirty looking river.)

Municipal organic produce – The Municipality started a project with 250 families in the urban sector to replace agrochemicals and pesticides with organic fertilizers.  It has two demonstration farms.  The produce will be used in the Centros de Desarrollo Infantil (Child Development Centers) which serve about 600 children.  It will also go to the 12 de Abril and 27 de Febrero Markets, the platform at Miraflores, Totoracocha and the bio centro (av. Loja y Rodrigo de Triana).  The products will be identified with the APA and RAA logos.  They are currently growing lettuce, green and red cabbage and zucchini.

Bus fares – The U. of Cuenca Public Company will present the first draft of the fare study to EMOV this week.  The study determined the costs of providing service and had around 1000 economy students in the field gathering data.  People are already complaining about fare increases.  One fellow said he could accept fare increases if the service improved and the drivers stopped mistreating the public.

Internacional –

Colombia – the Minister of Defense said that the attack in Bogotá that injured 26 was carried out by ELN, with which the government is in peace talks.  (It will be blamed on dissident members of the ELN.  You conspiracy theorists can blame it on a shadow group of arms merchants which wants war.)  A bomb was exploded by remote control in the area around the Santamaría bullring.

Discuentos y compras –

Tires – Erco Tires – RIN 13 from $35 plus IVA and RIN 14 from $45 plus IVA.  For all tires, buy 3 get one free.  Go to  (I imagine they have the location in Cuenca listed.)

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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