Martes, 22/11/2016: Christmas lights going up, High land prices hurting development, Drought, fire and ice, Orchid expo

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Libro – “Papá murió Hoy” (Dad died Today) – This new book by Telmo Herrera was launched Tues. in the libería “Pedro Páramo” on the ground floor of the CCE.

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Bienal (Biennial) – The XIII Bienal de Cuenca will open on viernes at 19:00 in an opening ceremony in the teatro Pumapungo.  There are 48 artists from 26 countries whose work will be shown at 21 different venues.  The theme of this edition is “Impermanencia, la mutación del arte en una sociedad materialista” (Impermanence, the mutation of art in a materialistic society).  The first Bienal was in 1987 and restricted to painters on this continent.  This was eventually widened to include artists in other disciplines and geographically to artists anywhere in the world.

Gallery opening – Illich Castillo, a Guayaquileño artist, is opening a new gallery, “Museomático” (Hermano Miguel 6-78) on jueves at 18:00.  The first exhibit will include his paintings, photographs, and sculpture.

Cuarto Aparte (Room Apart) – The independent art and alternate culture group, Cuarto Aparte, will stage an alternate to the Bienal from 17-27/11.  There will be 4 shows – at Sono (Borrero y Pres. Córdova), Galería Salida de Emergencia, Otorongo Laboratorio Creativo, Yuyay Estudio de Arte y Tienda Comunitaria; 5 round table discussions in Sono and in Casa 398; a National Meeting of Art Students in the Art Department at the U. of Cuenca; a resident artist and creative laboratory in Casa Aparte (Sucre 16-14 y Miguel Vélez); and more.

Otras cosas –  

Titular – Incendios, sequía y nevadas (Fire, drought and snowfall – but what the pictures show looks more like frost.) – Frost, fires, extreme temperatures, and low rivers are all consequences of the unusual weather patterns.  Tarqui, Cumbe y Victoria del Portete reached a low of 3 C. and were covered in snow or frost.

High land costs – The construction sector is worried about the high cost of land in Cuenca.  One of the problems is a lack of regulation on the part of the City and a land use plan.  Another is land speculation.  The pres. of the Real Estate Brokers Association said between 2010 and 2014, the real estate business grew 30% in Ecuador as a result of a construction boom, promoted by mortgage credit. Nationally, land prices rose between 300-600%.  Cuenca has been influenced by emigration and a large number of foreign residents which caused high demand for real estate compared to the rest of the country.  The result has been disproportionate and uncontrolled price increases.

Rural tourism route – A new tourism route will be inaugurated this viernes.  It consists of 30 km between the Cristo de Consuelo sector of San Joaquín to Soldados with 9 attractions including a chocolate factory, an organic farm, a basket workshop, and a lookout point of Verde Llano.  Sign up for the tour on the Facebook Visit Cuenca or in the ITUR office in the Museo de la Ciudad.  The tour leaves from the parque Calderón at 8:00 and returns at 13:00.  Free.

Christmas lights – This season, more streets will be lit with new designs.  There will be 10,000 meters of LED tube lights this year, 4,000 more than last year.  The giant tree will be in the plazoleta Santo Domingo.  The mega-Nativity scene will be in El Otorongo with more lighting decorations along the Tomebamba.

Tree planting – The second phase of treeplanting in the city will be this jueves in the Tranvía zones to replace plants that were removed.  The ravine at El Salado will get 150 plants because of the land conditions and proximity to the Tranvía.  The Tranvía project plans to put in 1,500 trees and 64,000 shrubs of native species.

Coca products – Bolivia and Ecuador have signed an agreement for Bolivia to export products derived from coca leaves into Ecuador.  Ecuador determined that these products would be legal.  The coca leaf has cultural, ritual and medicinal uses recognized in the Constitution.  Products will include infusions, soft drinks, footstuffs and cosmetics.

Internacional –

Bolivia – Pres. Morales has declared a state of emergency due to the drought which has caused water rationing in various regions and above all in La Paz.

Discuentos y compras –

CNT – Fiber optic internet plans – 15 megas for $24.90 and 25 for $36.00, plus IVA – promotion is for 12 months after which you go back to the contracted speed – restrictions apply – go to for more info.

An ad  – 6th Internacional and 7th Nacional Exposición de Orquídeas (Orchid Expo) – 24-27/11 from 9-20:00 – Casa de la Provincia – Tomás Ordóñez 8-69 y Simón Bolívar – see the Amazing “Orchid Wall”.  (I think this may be the orchid show that has been at the Mall del Río in previous years.)

Jugueton – toys – Super Black Days – 30, 50, / 70% off on selected merchandise – 22-28/11 – see for terms and conditions.

RM – clothing – Black Friday – 20% off everything in the store – promotion until 1/12 – conditions apply.

CS, Comercial Solis – 65″ TV from $1399, 55″ from $699, 32″ from $289, refrigerator from $375, gas stove from $335 – 21-26/11 – 9:30-13:45 and 15:30-20:00 – La Mar 3-41 y Tomás Ordóñez and Paseo de los Cañaris (Ed. IESS) and Bolivar 6-60 y Borrero.

Juan Eljuri – Show de ofertas (Show of Offers) – Black Friday – 24-27/11 – 9-20:00 – in the Pasaje Hortensia Mata – discounts on perfume, toys, musical instruments, and liquor.

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