Martes, 23/2/2016: End of cash payments for bus fare, Evo’s defeat confirmed, Lasso road work

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Hola, Todos – 

Pagina cultural –

Workshop – on how to create and animate radio programs started Tuesn. at 14:15 at the Alianza Francesa.  For more info, call 282 5298.chl jeanne logo

Cuenca legends – will be at the Teatro de Bolsillo del Sono (Pres. Borrero 6-83). “Maria, la guagua” will be shown Wed & Thu at 20:00.  (Maria is a ghost who prowls the riverbank looking for the baby she threw into the Tomebamba because the father pressured her into it.)  Cost: $5.00

Casa Abierta – El Cine Club “Catarsis” is having an open house on Thu & Fri in the Museo Pumapungo.

Guitar recital – by Darío Torres on Thu at 20:30 in the República Sur (Pres. Córdova 5-55 y Hermano Miguel)  Cost $5.00.  For reservations call 284 4634.

Articles about –

The new CCE president’s proposals to restructure the Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana Cúcleo del Azuay.

The Bienal curator will be visiting a short list of 20 Ecuadorian artists for the Bienal from 2-24/3.  He will pick the actual exhibitors after these visits.

Lakomuna Collective (is anyone else seeing a play on words in their name or do I have just enough Spanish to be dangerous? Read it out loud.) is an art space on the stairs at Otorongo with different activities. They have a form of “artist in residence” where artists give workshops at Lakomuna such as Tues workshop on creativity. they screened “El vuelco del Cangrejo” (The Crab Trap) at 19:00.  They will have a workshop on singing and music therapy.  Those interested in the workshops should call 099 557 0736.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Se confirma derrota de Evo en referendo (Confirmed the defeat for Evo on referendum).  With 80% of the votes read (probably 100% as I’m reading the paper), 54.3% voted no and 45.6% voted yes.

Day laborers – as well a professionals congregate around San Francisco Plaza, Feria Libre, and other locations to find work. (Unemployment is a big problem.)

Your sliver of life article today – is about el buque escuela “Guayas,” a training ship that is part of the navy.  It will dock in Callao, Peru tomorrow.  The “Guayas” is nearing the end of a round the world voyage that started last 12/5 and will finish this coming 1/3 in Guayaquil.  (Oh, boy, would I have loved to go to school on something like that.  Around the world on a sailing ship?

The mayor – submitted a proposal to a council committee on Economic Development and Tourism (that’s an interesting pairing for the committee) to only use electronic cards to pay fares on urban and rural buses, the Tranvía and for public bicycles.  This type of payment will guarantee half price fares to students, disabled and elderly riders.  300 more card recharging locations would need to be added (like at every hotel – make it easier for tourists to use the bus.)  Currently only about 20% of the riders use cards.  (I bet there are riders that don’t have enough money to prepay their transportation.)

Road work – reconstruction of Ordóñez Lasso is at 22% and has reached Sayausí.  Buses (lines unspecified – I shouldn’t need to say that since you all know that if the article had mentioned specific bus lines, I’d pass that info on.) are using Enrique Arízaga as an alternate route.

Intercultural – 

The Sarayaku believe that knowledge, innovations and creations are common property and not attributable to only one person as is how westerners perceive property.  This communality extends to sharing of knowledge with different communities and villages.

Amenidades – 

Miss Ecuador candidates – arrived in Cuenca at 15:30 Tues (23/2) and will spend 4 days (doing whatever they do).  There was a press conference and a meet and greet at 20:00.  (So if you see a bunch of pretty young things being shepherded around town,  that’s probably them.  If you ate at Tacanijo you might have seen them.)

Internacional – 

Colombia – people are abandoning their homes and lands due to the drought.

Venezuela – will export high octane gas.  The national oil company said that about 70% of the cars use 95 octane while only 30% actually need to.

Argentina – teachers unions are in wage talks.  An offer by the Ministry of Education would raise salaries from 6,060 pesos ($405) to 8,500 pesos ($568).

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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