Martes, 26/4/2016: Gualaceo shoemakers opening retail store, Earthquake update

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Hola, Todos – 

Pagina cultural – 

Upcoming events –

Retrospective of Carlos Naranjo – Documentary and short fiction films by Carlos Naranjo will be shown until Fri in the Sala de Conciertos at the CCE at 10:00.chl jeanne logo

Concert of traditional and contemporary music – Thu. at 19:30 in the Unidad de Cultura of the U of Cuenca (Doce de Abril y Solano).  Attendees are asked to bring earthquake relief supplies.

Theater series – “Cuenca en Cuentos (Cuenca in Stories) will be presented tomorrow and Thu. at 20:00 in the Teatro de Bolsillo del Sono (Borrero 6-83 y Pres. Córdova).  Cost: $5.00 or a donation to earthquake victims.

Articles about –

Virgilio Quinde, a 94 year old sculptor, one of whose works is the monument to the Chola Cuencana at the intersection of Huayna Cápac y España. Several of his children and grandchildren are also artists including Damián Sinchi who is participating in the Bienal this year.

“Tan distintos” (So Different) – This film by Pablo Arturo Suárez, premiered yesterday to invited guests and the press.  The film, made on the El Cañaveral beach between Cojimíes y Pedernales, is about a pair of grandparents whose grandson visits them unexpectedly.  The film setting shows the beauty of the area before the earthquake.  The public premier will be this Sat and Sun at the “vermouth” hour (the last afternoon show) in the Multicines de Milenium.

The Cuenca Embroidery Workshop – will participate in an exhibit in the Universidad de Antioquia in Medellin, Colombia from Thu to Sat of this week.

“Dilate” – a theater/ dance/ black clown performance will run from Wed. to Fri. at 18:00 in the centro cultural Avispero (Calle Larga 10-41, under the Museum del Sombrero.  Cost: $8.00.uuj

Earthquake news – 

Titular – Llamado a que no cese la solidaridad (A call that solidarity doesn’t cease) – The challenge is that the spirit of solidarity does not decline as time passes since the victims are still in precarious situations.  The government is using social networks to continue with donations under #EcuadorListoYSolidario.

Trust rejected – The government rejected creating a trust to manage relief funds. The Ministry of Finance is creating a web page where citizens can see how these funds are being applied.  Economic analysts are recommending creation of a reconstruction fund and that the government should isolate the money received from the additional IVA tax.

US Congressman Luis Gutiérrez – has asked Pres. Obama to grant TPS (Temporary Protective Status) to Ecuadorians living in the US.  This status was created by congress to address exactly the circumstances in Ecuador where its citizens can’t safely return due to natural disasters or conflicts.

Disaster fund – Various sectors of the government are calling for the re-establishment of an emergency fund.  One was created during the administration of Sixto Durán Bellén, but extinguished in 2009.

Otras cosas –

Traffic chaos – The lane changes at the bridge over the Yanuncay took many drivers by surprise and traffic was congested and slow even with transit police.

Shoe makers – 7 shoe factories in Chordeleg are opening a store on av. 15 de Abril to sell direct to consumers.  There will be 3 factories selling mens shoes, 3 for women, and 1 for children. The grand opening will be 30/4 at 19:00.  There will also be a restaurant with a traditional menu.

Internacional – 

Venezuela – El Tribuno Supremo de Venezuela (Supreme Court) determined that any amendment to the Constitution to reduce the presidential term would not apply to the current president because it wouldn’t know “la voluntad del pueblo.”  (The will of the people).

Brazil – The Senate took the first step to possible impeachment of Pres. Rousseff when a mostly opposition committee decided to open the process to end her presidency.

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