Martes, 27/12/2016: Another earthquake, Paute tourist park, Arrest in Petroecuador scandal, Electric service upgrades

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Today’s (Tues.) agenda events –

Rock Concert – Baska, Bajo Sueños and Lavadora Blues performed in the parque De La Madre Tues. night.

Undated events –

Creative careers in crafts – The centro de formación artesanal Cumbe (Cumbe Center for crafts training) has an option for teens and youth who want a career where skill and creativity are a must.  The center is on Facebook.  (Somewhere – can you Google Facebook pages?)

La Casa de las Posadas – This 18th Century house, one of the oldest buildings in the Corazón de Jesús sector, was restored and became a municipal cultural center where art exhibits and book launches are held.

Museo de las Conceptas – The museum (Hermano Miguel entre (between) Juan Jaramillo y Pres. Córdova) is one of the locations for the Bienal exhibits with hours from lunes a viernes from 9-18:30.

Articles about –

“Steam Punk” – Brothers Santiago and Juan Espinozza have formed a steam punk band.  They’ve applied the retro technology to their instruments which have nothing to do with oil or nano technology. (???)  They’re hoping to launch their project “a finales de enero del 2017” (in late January, 2017 – this won’t get translated again, either, but finales is close to finals which is like the end.  If your Spanish hasn’t gotten to the future tense yet, it would be nice to know how to describe when things will occur – as in “I want the sofa delivered a finales de enero.”)

New museum public – Rosa Morocho, who works in agriculture, visited the Catedral Vieja with her son.   The visit was the first time she had ever entered a museum and she was most impressed with the wooden model of the New Cathedral. Jéssica García, a museum guide said that in addition to foreigners and national tourists who come mostly from Guayaquil Quito, Loja and El Oro, there is a new public from the cantons and parishes of Azuay Province who want to see the museum attractions. (It’s probably not easy to get away from the land and its demands.)

European tourists – The culture of the native peoples in the Oriente and especially Morona Santiago, captivates European tourists.  Svenja Beilfuss, a German whose husband is from the Oriente, runs a tourist business which supports cultural and ecological tourism.

Otras cosas – 

Titular – Se preparan para concurso de Años Viejos (Getting ready for the Años Viejos contest) –  Once the end of the year festivities are over, the next thing will be the Mascaradas contest for the Día de Inocentes.

Tourist complex in Paute – The spectacular scenery at the junction of the Paute and Collay Rivers and the “formación” (formation – as in the building of?) the Mazar Dam inspired the Delta Project which will have 3 compontents.  The first is a riverside campground with sanitary facilities (hopefully more than a platform over the water to piss off of), spaces for camping, and fishing.  The second is a railed vista point, bathrooms and a bar/restaurant about 200 m. higher.  The last is a dairy plant making cheese, manjar and yogurt where tourists can interact with the farmers and ranchers in the area.  The complex will benefit the people in the Las Juntas community, part of the Guarainag Parish in the cantón of Paute.

Your sliver of life article today – is about cacaoteros.  20 family chocolate growers in the Agro Río area of Cañar got equipment and supplies from the province as part of a project to support small growers in the areas of soil management, pruning, technical assistance, training, product transformation, commercialization, good agricultural practices, post harvest and sustainable production.  The families received 400 sacks of organic abono (fertilizer/compost/manure), 20 sacks of soil regulator (?), 20 pruning shears, 3 backpack pumps and a motorized brush cutter. (Sounds like their chocolate is going to be destined for the high end and fair trade market.)

Plane crash – The Lamia flight that crashed near Medellín on 28/11, and which killed 71 including most of the Chapecoense football team, was flying at the limit of its fuel and overweight.

Earthquake – A 4.2 earthquake hit Esmeraldas 17 km northeast of Atacames at a depth of 4.54 km at 14:47 yesterday.   This followed an earlier quake of 3.5 at 12:10.

Raids – Police and prosecutors raided the house of another suspect in the Petroecuador corruption case.  Ernesto W. was detained in the house in the Samborondón neighborhood of Guayaquil and taken to Quito to appear before a judge to be charged.  Some 80 people are being investigated including ex-manager and ex-minister, Carlos Pareja, who is “en paradero desconocido.” (whereabouts unknown – your phrase for the day – I just liked the sound of it, so now I’m sharing it with you.)  He is under an international search warrant ordered by Interpol.

How to vote – The CNE (Consejo Nacional Electoral) website at has a video explaining the 3 ways you can mark your vote.  (No more hanging chads or badly aligned choices)  A valid vote is one in which it is clear which candidate the voter is supporting.  A voto nulo (null vote) is when a voter marks more choices than is permitted.  A “voto blanco” (white vote?) is where the voter does not mark a choice.

Ordóñez Lasso – Sábado is the project delivery day for Ordóñez Lasso.

School buses – There are still some school buses that missed the deadline to install stop signs which cost $202.  There will be a publicity campaign to teach drivers, students and the general population to respect these bus mounted stop signs.  (You don’t want to be the one that hit a kid running out into the street from in front of the bus.)

Geoportal – The city has enabled the Plataforma Geovisor Municipal on their website at www.cuenca.gob.  The platform will give you different kinds of geographic information.

Electricity improvements – Empresa Electrica announced that in observance of environmental laws, it will be doing something with transformers.  This will involve a 30 minute shut off electricity at each transformer.  This work will continue for 18 months.  (So if you lose power, but see someone in a cherry picker doing something to the closest transformer, chances are the cut-off will be short.)

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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