Martes, 29/12/2015: Cuenca Symphony Orchestra CD, Road changes to help traffic, Museum tour, Extended hours for booze

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Hola, Todos – 

Pagina cultural –

Música – “Drop Night” will feature chl jeanne logo5 electronic music DJs Wednesday, 30/12, at 18:00 in Geisha Lounge, Borrero 7-27 y Córdova.(That sounds like what I hear when the cat stands on the keyboard – at least the rhythm section.)

Máscaras – an exhibit of masks in ceramic and other materials opens Wednesday, 30/12, at 19:00 in La Enfrijolada (Francisco Mososo 4-31 y Rafael Torres).

Concierto – there will be a rock concert for el Día de los Inocentes on 9/1/2016 with Jodamasa, Letelefono, Los Despachos y Alias.

Articles about –

The Cuenca Symphony Orchestra has recorded its 3rd CD of Ecuadorian music which will be sold for a token sum at their concerts. The CD will be ready towards the end of Jan. and will contain previously unrecorded works or originals for symphony.

The Ruta de los Museos is a bus tour of 6 museums.  The buses run on Sat. and Sun. and start at 10:00 next to Parque Calderón.  When the bus is full it leaves and goes to the following museums – Sombero y Paja, Casa de Las Posadas, Catedral Vieja, Escuela Central (see? even the newspaper doesn’t use Museo de la Ciudad or whatever the new name is. Their writer probably couldn’t remember the new name either.), Casa de Chaguarchimbana (not to be confused with the mosquito born disease, chigungunya) and Remigio Crespo.  The tour is about 3 hours long with guides at each stop who will ask attendees questions about the tour and right answers will win books as prizes.  (It would be nice if they could do an English language tour for all of us who lose our Spanish in the face of a fast presentation.)

Fondos Concursables para Proyectos Culturales y Artísticos del Ministerio de Cultura y Patrimonio (Competitive Funding by the Ministry of Culture and Patrimony for Cultural and Art Projects) has received 700 proposals and will make $8,000 awards to 124 projects nationally and to overseas Ecuadorians.

Festival de Cine applications close Wednesday 30th.  Go to for more info.  (If you made a Latinamerican or Ecuadorian movie you don’t need me to mislead you about the requirements.)

Otras cosas –

Titular – Preocupa suspensión de obras (Worry about suspension of work) on Ordóñez Lasso.  The project is short on money and MTOP hopes it will be resolved with a loan from China.  (How does a communist country wind up banker to the world?)

Police broke up 3 gangs which were attacking cargo trucks, drug trafficking, and stealing fuel from a military compound.  The last one involved two active duty servicemen.

Road changes – to help traffic.  Access will be opened on Thu. in zones closed for Tranvia work including Huayna Cápac for 2 north to south lanes.  (Nothing about opening up south to north lanes.) Gran Colombia to González Suárez at Huayna Cápac will remain closed.  Other opened areas are Gran Colombia at Manuel Vega, Sebastián de Benalcázar and España, Milchichig from González Suárez to Gil Ramírez Dávalos (?)  One of the most delayed sections, the Yanuncay Bridge, should be finished in Mar, 2016.

Extended hours for booze – Bars and discos can sell drinks until 3:30a.m. on Thu, NY Eve. (which will make 3 days in a row you can drink late – but can you actually survive three night of drinking to 3:30 in the morning? Even you youngsters might have a hard time with that unless you already practice every day.)

Your sliver of life article today – is about the concurso de Años Viejos (also your words for the day – Contest of Old Years).  The first 3 entrants have come in from the barrios Doce de Abril, Bosque 2 de Monay and Parque Iberia.  A maximum of 30 entries will be accepted from the city center and peripheral zones until 19:30 tomorrow at the Amistad Club.  (If your display isn’t just about finished, save it for next year or get yourself a Hollywood crew of 50 who want to work all night.)

A house in Baños burned down – leaving 7 people in 3 families without anything.  If you want to help, call the families at 099 350 0968.  The house was wood, a short circuit was suspected, 5 gas tanks blew up, and a nearby eucalyptus forest was also burned.  (I’m glad my gas tanks are outside.)

New bank service charges – at Banco del Austro for things like home delivery of statements (You think they want you to bank on line?), renewing your debit card, using your debit card internationally for more than $100, etcétera (The etc. is the paper’s.) for fees of $1.66 to 5.36 for debit/credit cards with chips.

Guapan – the parish in Azogues is recovering what the cement company’s quarry destroyed with a new hydrotherapy center including thermal pools, a lake with paths and viewpoints, and a multi-use sports track.  (Now that’s making lemonade when life hands you lemons.)

Internacional – 

Flood Zone – 150,000 evacuees due to flooding from the large rivers in the “cono sur americano” (South American cone – think of the map of S.A.).

Deportes –

Speedwalking – Guayaquil, Ecuador is in the running for hosting the World Championships along with Rome, Italy; Monterrey, Mexico; and Kiev, Ukraine. Nationally, speedwalkers are training for a place on the Ecuadorian team for the 2016 Olympics. (Trivia for the day – Ecuador’s only Olympic gold and silver medals were in speedwalking and won by Cuencano Jefferson Pérez who has a coliseum named after him.)

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