Martes, 29/3/2016: China Week schedule, Taxes making Ecuador expensive, April agendas

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Hola, Todos – 

Pagina cultural – 

The “Fe y Devoción” – exhibit opened today at CIDAP and will run to 29/4.  Hours are 9-17:00, M-F.chl jeanne logo

Call – for exhibitors of scenic, design and gastromonic arts to participate in the “Circo Moda” (Fashion Circus) on 12/4 in the El Vaco barrio.  Go to Facebook: CircoModa or email:

The U. of Azuay signed an agreement with one in Catalunya to copublish Obra Digital, an magazine on Communications.  (I bet they won’t have a paper version.)

Scholarships – to study music abroad.  Go to or email

Articles about – 

Mario Vargas Llosa – who is celebrating his 80th year.  His new novel is “Cinco esquinas.”

Monologues – by María Belen Ochoa will be at the Casa de Cultura from Wed. to Fri. with shows at 18:30 and 20:00.  The two monologues are “La Maldición de los Zapatos Rojos” and “Venue Atrapamoscas.”

Otras cosas –

Titular – “Impuestos hacan del Ecuador un país caro.” (Taxes make Ecuador an expensive country)  This is a worry for the tourist sector which also does not like the new “sin” taxes on liquor and sugary beverages.

The U’s of Cuenca and Azuay want to be involved in studies of the environmental impact of the Loma Larga and Río Blanco mines.  The U of Cuenca wants to continue to monitor surface water hydrology, water quality and do a hydrogeological analysis to see if there are connections between the mining zone and water sources.  UDA is proposing to monitor the zone´s biodiversity and the effect the mine has.

Domestic Animal Protection Ordinance – Councilwoman Dora Ordóñez has some objections that the ordinance covers social, cultural, economic, ethical and “de ornato” (ornamental?) elements and is the same as the current ordinance.

Municipal Asphalt Plant – will be be delivered (as in project delivery) on Thu at 10:00. (I imagine the mayor and other high mucketymucks will be there cutting ribbons and making speeches.)

The April Agenda – for the Foundation of Cenca activities will be released Wed at 9:30 in the Hemiciclo in Parque Calderón.

International China Week – the first one for this year will feature China. It runs Wed. until Sat. and includes art, culture and food.
Wed –
15-18:00 – calligraphy and lamp workshop – Museo de la Ciudad.
19:30 – show of Chinese garments – Quinta Lucrecia
Thu –
18:30 – movie “Adiós a mi Concubina” – Instituto Confuso (Gran Colombia 5-31)
Fri –
9:00 – talk on Chinese culture – Museo de la Ciudad
9:30 – movie Héroe – Museo de la Ciudad
15:00 – papercutting workshop (I bet you learn the double happiness papercut) – Museo de la Ciudad
18-19:00 – cultural and martial arts demonstrations (But I’d be surprised if there was a lion dance) – Food court in the Mall del Río

Internacional – 

Perú – presidential candidate Verónika Mendoza has risen to 3d place with 12.1% of people intending to vote in the 10/4 elections which will also elect 2 VPs, 130 congress people and 5 Parlamentarios.  (I think they’re representatives to the Andean Community – an international trade group.)

Deportes –

The Maratón Internacional de Cuenca – will be run this Sun.  Over 1000 runners will leave from parque de La Madre at 7:00.  Runners in the half marathon of 21K will wear a red bividi.  (Your word for the day – BVD – just read it aloud with Spanish pronunciation.  Now you’re going to have to see the race to see what a bividi looks like.  I think it’s a tank top.)  Runners in the full marathon will wear a yellow bividi.  The race route (21km – full marathoners will repeat it) will take 12 de Abril, Unidad Nacional, 3 de Nov, up to calle Larga, Huayna Cápac, Pumapungo, around some redondels, González Suárez out to Colegio de Ingenieros, back along 24 de Mayo.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –




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